What Comes Into Your Mind When I Say Typical Student Meal

    For those who left their schooling days far behind, you might be craving for what you had during your younger time. Instant noodles, Pringles, Chips More, Ping Pong Cream Crackers, Apollos and lots more. There’s always a healthier option to those typical student JUNKs. A simple American breakfast with sunny side up, bacons, hash brown, sausages and tomatoes will do. OK, i admit that sausages does more harm than good but who cares if you take it once in a while? Since its new year time, we had some arrowhead crisps as breakfast. Think East meets West.

    Forget about Maggi, Mamee and Indo Mee. Try your own version of home cooked mee instead. Prepare a bowl of clear soup with anchovies, then throw in your favourite veges, mee and mushrooms. If you doesnt want to feel vegan, fry some self marinated meat slices and place it on top of your bowl of mee. Trust me! It’s extremely easy and hassle free!

    Typical Student Meal can be healthy and yummy too!


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