Restoran Seng Lee @ Damansara Heights [CLOSED]

    Another write up on Damansara Height’s corporate slave luncheon by KampungboyCitygal. So we met tankiasu at our office building, in his turbo jet car, we went to get char siu bao and xiu long bao, then off we go to Seng Lee’s, grabbed a seat, waited for food to arrive, took pictures, chit chatting, dropped char siu bao and xiu long bao, and we got back to our office. All these happened light-fast in one hour time. Pheeewwwwww

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    This is our favourite stall around. The man has been serving this fare at the same spot for almost 20 years. In a big metal mixing bowl, he mixes the yau char kuai, grilled tau foo, jambu air, mango, semi-ripe papaya, chinese turnips, pineapple and cucumbers with prawn paste and rojak sauce. The rojak is then served to a polystyrene container and topped with a generous amount of roasted grounded peanut.

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    You can easily spot the rojak stall in the modified sidecar motorcycle here everyday, since lunch time to three p.m. Try to avoid lunch time as the crowds are crazy!!

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    One of the best rojak that I’ve ever eaten. What makes their rojak better than others? It has to be the thick sticky black sauce: salty, sweet, sour, and the slightly pungent smell is too good to be misses. During our second visit here, kampungboy bought five packets for his colleagues and everyone in his group fell in love with it.

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    The stall is run by two sisters, other than wantan mee (soup or dry), they are selling curry mee, dumpling and braised chicken feet too. Boo’s write up on the curry mee is a positive one. So Char Siew Bao and Kampungboy ordered the wantan mee, and it is nothing extraordinary, according to Kampungboy.

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    Char kuey teow in Penang style is something that we tried during our second visit here. According to tankiasu, the man ‘ada angin’ one, so the kuey teow can be either very sucky or very nice in certain days. Unfornately, he is going through PMS of his ‘CKT cycle’ that day because the char kuey teow is horrible – soggy and tasteless.

    Even the man taking order for drinks ‘ada angin’, he can be very friendly and polite or very rude in different time. I wonder why is the Seng Lee still so hot and stuffy with two ‘angin’ generating turbine here?

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    Mooi Cheh, the wife of Seng Lee coffeeshop owner Ah Beng, has been in the food business for as long as she can remember. In the late 1990s, when the previous pork noodles hawker decided to move, she decided to take over the stall, serving a very commendable version of the dish. The couple, with their son, has been operating the coffeeshop behind Hock Lee’s minimarket since 1977. (Information from Rasa-Rasa). Tankiasu keeps raving about the lo shu fan here so Xiu Long Bao and me decided to give it a try. The dried lo shu fan is a tad too oily but nevertheless it is delicious.

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    The soup comes with some simmered pork slices, pork balls and pork innards. An egg is cracked into the soup, resulting in a thick whitish coloured soup. The broth is so sweet, delicious and melodious!

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    Corporate Slave 1 – Mr. Char Siew Bao
    Age: 2X
    Height: 17Xcm
    Weight: XX kg
    Status: Attached to Miss Xiu Long Bao
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    Corporate Slave 2 – Mr. Tan Kia Su
    Age: 2X
    Height: 17Xcm
    Weight: XX kg
    Status: Attached to Miss I-Duno-Who-In-His-HP-Holding-Bouquet-Of-Flowers
    **Update: Attached to a girl who is 2 yrs younger than him, holding a bouquet of roses, smiling sweetly in his new hi tech camera that can transform like transformer.

    Restaurant Seng Lee
    Jalan Batai
    Damansara Heights
    Kuala Lumpur
    (Behind Hock Lee Supermarket)
    Open from 11 am onwards and during lunchtime. Close on Sunday


    • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

      Wah, now u’re pimping your flogger friends? What about kampungboy? No vital stats? 😛

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      lemongrass: haha..kgboy is mine..i cant pimp him..hohoho i wanted to put vital stats but its hard to judge from eyes..u goto hold and hug to measure u know? haha i’ll leave it to u then..

    • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

      hahahaha..dis is funny..u sure tan kiasu doesn have XXX kgs ar..kekeke..joking..

      too bad i missed out on this..had a last min disc throughout lunch

    • MeiyeN says:

      lol… corporate slave! ekekekeke

    • boo_licious says:

      LOL on yr pimping. Yeah, that place is super hot and packed during lunch time that after a while you just don’t feel like eating here.

    • team bsg says:

      we have to rescue the non da happy looking corporate ever rushing slaves kwik ! can we have LL,s VS ah since obviously we cannot get yrs… we have not forgotten bout how one can press a ‘button’ to unleash…eerrrrrrrr…
      … LL r u still there ?
      our VS are as follows:
      a fried rice one beer, one noodle 2 beers , one pau 3 beers ans so on

    • jason says:

      LOL… interesting closing 😛 That motorcycle is really loaded with fruits eh… I had a nice rojak in Miharja too recently but I forgot to take my camera along… ishh

    • tankiasu says:

      I’m going to sue you for spreading uncalled for rumors. There in NO girl holding bouquet of flowers on my HP. Kekeke….faster belanja me makan for spoiling my market price! 😛

    • wmw says:

      Both also labelled at Corp. Slave No. 1??? Maybe that was Tankiasu with longer hair last time holding a bouquet of flowers leh…hahaha

    • sc says:

      haha…your intro on the corp slaves are so cute 🙂

    • teckiee says:

      mama-san! LOL!

    • ~Bee Nee~ says:

      Fruit rojak! My favourite! Too bad I hardly go to Damansara Heights. Oh well maybe one day…

    • xiu long bao says:

      Update here…

      tankiasu’s status:
      Attached to a girl who is 2 yrs younger than him, holding a bouquet of roses, smiling sweetly in his new hi tech camera that can transform like transformer.

      Why char siew bao’s height is 17X, tankiasu’s height is also 17X one ah.

    • tankiasu says:

      Kakaka…xiu long bao, now I would have to sue you as well. You are guilty of revealing sensitive information vital to our national security’s interest.

      For someone who is so well-versed with law, you should have known better.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      joe: haha want meh? later hurt him pulak..i still hold on to my believe that hes only XX kg

      meiyen: yeah we all are one haha

      boo: haha..yeah..its really unbearable..i need someone to dapao for me then i wouldnt have to go there

      teambsg: lol..u gota rescue the slaves..i have to ask permission from char siew bao n tankiasu to reveal the VS..haha

      jason: nvm waiting for ur revisit..rmb to brin camera whenever u go..ur a fd blogger lol

      tankiasu: its in ur camera la!! hahah i never spoil ur market price, eventually it just go up because of the pimping

      wmw: LOL at ur imagination..hmmmm..maybe tankiasu is more feminine last time..

      sc: too bad that i cant get their vital stats

      teckiee: OMG! since when I’m one ar?????? hahaha

      bee nee: u gota try is so good i tell u

      xiu long bao: haha thanks for ur info..will update it soon..haha i paiseh to put 16X for tankiasu might as well make it 17X for both..fair enough
      oooo tankiasu merajuk dy..better tum him by buying him dinner

    • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

      LOL on Team BSG’s comment! LL’s VS not for public eyes la. I think Team BSG’s VS same as mine, except it is double the food for each beer!

      Citygal, you asking me to hold and hug ur kampungboy ar? harharhar. kidding le…I can see he has eyes only for u. 😛

    • Precious Pea says:

      Ehh…i tot you have been pimping about kampungboy all these while cos I kept seeing his pic? Hahahahahha!

      Hmm…must ask Kiasu to show me his hp oledi.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      pea: haha thats not my intention..yeah..he has a very sweet gf..ask him to show u the pic in his new prosumer camera

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