Cooking Curry Is As Easy As ABC

    My cooking style is “shawned“!! Recently i love to pile or throw in everything into some thick and saucy gravy like crazy!! Guess what?? It’s extremely appetizing and it goes well with rice. The most important FACT: The cooking method is as easy as ABC. “AIyah..I dun know how to cook larrrrr!” is no longer a valid excuses. After reading entries from She bakes and She cooks, I decided to do my own version of Japanese curry. Instead of the sooo famous and soooo expensive Vermont Curry, I substituted it with The Curry House. (RM6.90 per pack from Jusco)

    First, cut up 1 medium potatoes, 1 medium size onion, 1 regular size carrot, 1 regular size green apple and some baby corns into cubes. Next shimmer the onions with the chicken fillet till its cooked. Add in the greens and the curry mixture with appropriate amount of water. I’d learn a lesson here: Add in the green apples few minutes before the curry is done to reserve it’s crunchiness. Green apple is my secret weapon because the sourish taste goes well with the curry mixture.


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