Yukiguni Maitake Mushroom Recipes

    “Maitake” means dancing mushroom in Japanese. It is said that finding a cluster of these immune boosting mushrooms brings such joy that foragers often dance with happiness. Recently maitake mushroom is gaining popularity due to its incredible health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins D, minerals, dietry fibres and guanylic acids (umami flavourings). The mushrooms is also fat-free, low-sodium, low-calorie and cholesterol-free.
    Yukiguni is Japan’s top Maitake mushrooms brand. The mushrooms are farmed in a clean facility in Niigata with no chemicals or pesticides used, so you can even enjoy them without washing. It can be found at AEON supermarket, and is retailing for RM 5.90 per packet. Yukiguni Maitake is directly imported from Japan.
    Preparation is as easy as ABC too! You just need to remove the mushrooms from the packaging, and tear them into smaller pieces. That’s all!
    These delicious, umami-flavoured mushrooms have a juicy bite, yet firm texture. They are an extremely versatile mushroom, suitable for grilling, stir frying, braising, steaming and all. Compared to other mushrooms, Yukiguni Maitake is low in water content. Even after cooking, the crispy and firm texture remained without turning soggy and soft.
    One of my favourite one pot recipe is Takikomi Gohan (japanese mixed rice) using the rice cooker. It is usually seasoned with only shoyu and dashi stock. A serving for two requires the following ingredients:

    1 packet of Maitake mushroom, tear into smaller pieces
    1 boneless chicken leg, cut into cubes
    1 cup of rice
    1 cup of water
    1 tbsp dashi powder
    1 bowl of julienne carrots
    1/2 bowl of edamame beans
    Pour everything into the rice cooker and press cook. That’s all! It is a perfect dinner recipe for a busy weekday, after work.
    This Maitake Takikomi Gohan is a wonderful and comforting rice dish made with seasonal ingredients. Love the semi firm texture and a rich umami finish that the Maitake mushroom brings.
    This soy sauce butter pasta with Maitake mushroom is a great vegetarian dish too! Just simply sauteed some chopped garlic till brown, then add in teared Maitake mushroom and stir fry till they are slightly caramelised. Add the cooked pasta, soy sauce, and butter to the pan and toss until the butter is melted. Give everything a final toss and voila!

    Yukiguni Maitake is directly imported from Japan. It can be found at AEON supermarket, and is retailing for RM 5.90 per packet.

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