Lan Fong Yuen @ Central, Hong Kong

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    HK MACAU 2009 589

    A stroll around the corner brings us to the amazingly busy and chaotic Gage Street where the most famous Hong Kong cha chan teng Lan Fong Yuen is situated. The 50 year old shop is also the birth place of “pantyhose milk tea” 絲襪奶茶 that has become something so significant in Hong Kong’s food and drink culture that it is craved daily by the Hong Kongers.
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    endorsed by Chua Lam

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    Since it is a milk tea pilgrimage to LFY, we asked for both hot and iced version. The milk tea was velvety smooth and creamy. Their secret blend of tea leaves left a robust, lingering flavor as it glides down our throat. The hot version tasted much better than the iced milk tea as the ice has somewhat diluted and tainted the flavor.

    Why the name “pantyhose” milk tea? The pantyhose is used to filter the tea leaves, I heard. No! We googled for the answer and it says: A sackcloth bag is used in the tea brewing process, making the tea smoother when it mixes with milk. Over time, the sackcloth bag was stained with an intense brown color. Together with the shape, it resembles pantyhose; hence the milk tea is nicknamed as such.
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    Our pork chop bun 豬扒包arrives in short order. The bun was buttered and lightly toasted, resulting in beautiful crisp at the rim and soft interior. The well marinated pork chop was very juicy and flavorful too. We were so full that we have to give the famous 撈丁 (dried nissin noodles) a miss. Well, there’s always a revisit 

    Lan Fong Yuen
    No. 2, Gage st (Central)
    Tel: 2544 3895/ 2854 0731
    Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday – 7am to 6pm


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