Tai Cheong Bakery & Chan Yi Zai @ Central, Hong Kong

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    HK MACAU 2009 574

    After a rather disappointing dim sum meal in Hong Kong, we proceeded to our second stop – Tai Cheong Bakery. The store front was exceptionally quiet on a Saturday morning but we have no complaints. The thought of having to queue up and wait endlessly for food sends shivers down our spine.
    HK MACAU 2009 565

    HK MACAU 2009 566

    We got ourselves two egg tarts and another two of those much raved about donuts. In our humble opinion, while the wobbly egg centre was silky smooth, the short crust pastry shell was lackluster when compared to the flaky puff pastry version that is widely available in most dim sum joint.
    HK MACAU 2009 570

    Apparently, Chris Patten, the last British Governor of HK was particularly fond of Tai Cheong’s egg tart. Thus Tai Cheong was made famous and the eggs tarts sold at the bakery are known as “Fei-Patten egg tarts” 肥彭蛋撻.
    HK MACAU 2009 568

    But we found our new love at Tai Cheong bakery – the sugar coated donuts 沙翁! They were still warm before we shoved them into our mouths. Our eyes opened wide the moment after we took a bite of it. Unlike its light and fluffy western counterparts, Tai Cheong’s donuts were eggy, milky and creamy with crepe like layers beneath. You have to try it to tell the difference!
    HK MACAU 2009 550

    The next destination was Chan Yi Zai, an 82 year old establishment that sells traditional home made snacks like almond cookies, bird’s nest cake, barley cookies, sour plum etc.
    HK MACAU 2009 551

    HK MACAU 2009 555

    We got ourselves a box of bird’s nest cake 燕窩糕 (HKD 45) with six thin slices and all of them were individually packaged. Since the cakes were freshly made, they do not last long and must be consumed within three days. The cakes were smooth and chewy (reminds me of glutinous rice cake) with bits and strands of bird’s nest here and there but you know lar, healthier food usually taste bland. So, you can just delete this off from your makan list 🙂

    陳意齋 CHAN YEE JAI
    Shop D, G/F, 176 Queen’s Road Central (Central)
    Open from Monday to Saturday 10am-730pm, Sunday 10am to 630pm

    Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家
    35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
    中環擺花街 35 號地下
    Opens daily 730am to 9pm


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