We Won! The Best Trip in the World

    Have you guys ever heard of The Best Trip in the World, offered by Taiwan Tourism Bureau? The participating teams of at least two person will have to create a inexpensive yet creative four-day itinerary for a trip in Taiwan.

    Our travel team is “Small Town Story” 小城故事 and guess what we were one of the 50 selected team with an allowance of NT$ 7,000 per day for up to 4 days, or NT$ 28,000 in total!

    After leaving Taiwan, we must upload onto the official website, by Sept. 30, an 800-word travelogue—with optional inclusion of pictures—accompanied by a video (3 to 5 minutes in length) that covers the highlights of the 4-day tour—to enter stage 2 of the contest: “Come up with the best travel itinerary for Taiwan and win NT$1,000,000.” The most creative team will be winning another NT 1,000,000 allowance to travel the beautiful island for a month!

    Have to book for our ticket already! Wish us luck, peeps!


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