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waffle world

I have a little sweet treat to cure Monday Blues – Waffle World that has long been my favorite haunts. Whenever I’m economizing after some huge splurging on apparels or running late for a show, I’ll stop by for their waffles and pancakes. Being a no frills waffle place, everything is in its minimal with premium scoops of ice cream and fancy presentation missing.

sweetness overdose

double scoop

banana waffle

coffee cream

I forgot the all the actual name of these waffles and pancakes. Everything is good; especially the pancake with warm coffee sauce is orgasmic!  Waffles are being waffles, soft and fluffy with a crispy outer layer while pancakes are so light and fluffy that makes one weeps. Sweet offerings for less than RM 10, what more can one ask for? Do remember to avoid their savory mains, they do specialize in pancakes and waffles after all.  

Waffle World
1 Utama New Wing,
High Street
2nd Floor, Lot S343A


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  1. J2Kfm says:

    oh, the banana Belgian waffle with ice cream and nuts is one of my fav as well! …
    agreed on the economic part, as the same pancake at Paddington can cost 3x as much!


  2. cumi&ciki says:

    is that more sugar to ADD to sugar? lol.. amazing.. how do u guys put away so many layers of pancake ?! excellent shots.. i got the sugary shudders just looking at the vivid photos!


  3. ling239 says:

    i like the pancakes too….^_^


  4. Jackson Kah says:

    i only tried them once… may b i should try their main course


  5. Bernsy says:

    if u have a chance u gotta go try pancakes on the rocks @ Sydney…
    you will see so many types of pancakes.. savoury and sweet… whoa… like pancake heaven…


  6. Tummythoz says:

    Lovely shot of the sugar sticks!


  7. mimid3vils says:

    The coffee sauce will make me insomnia ~.~”


  8. waisikmiao says:

    wow… i didnt knw waffle world has such good one, I must try … thanks for sharing…


  9. Lili says:

    check this out: http://www.bestfoodjunction.com
    I think you should join them.. :)


  10. was just saying how i needed sugar..i definitely got my dose from looking at this!


  11. rokh says:

    wow now i know my options when i need a sugar fix..


  12. Simon Seow says:

    The last one I likey. Looks so fulfilling.


  13. jay says:

    waffles and pancakes look nice but presentation is bad…


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