Tong Kee Brother Confectionary @ Damansara Uptown


  Just a piece of good news for PJ folks - the undisputed king of egg tart is now at Damansara Uptown. Feeling rather sluggish on a Sunday afternoon, we drove out to have a quick lunch and stumble upon Tong Kee. Upon entrance, we were greeted by a comforting aroma of fresh bread and sights of pretty cakes and colorful pastries glowing from a bright showcase. Their “non halal” buns that … [Read more...]

Mr Baoz @ Pavillion KL


Do you still remember these baoz? It was once widely circulated via emails that we can only stare at it. The good news is the franchise that created a baoz craze in Taiwan is now at Pavillion KL and Time Square KL! One can choose from their royal delicacy series, chocolate series, crispy series, snowflake series and steamer series (RM 2.50 to RM 3.50). To make my selection easier, I choose two … [Read more...]

Waffle World @ One Utama


I have a little sweet treat to cure Monday Blues – Waffle World that has long been my favorite haunts. Whenever I’m economizing after some huge splurging on apparels or running late for a show, I’ll stop by for their waffles and pancakes. Being a no frills waffle place, everything is in its minimal with premium scoops of ice cream and fancy presentation missing. I forgot … [Read more...]

Krispy Kreme from Melbourne!


10 things I love about Krispy Kreme! 1. They spell doughnuts correctly. It’s not donuts for god’s sake! 2. There is the famous "Hot Doughnuts Now" sign that lit whenever the glazed doughnuts are rolling hot along the belt. 3. One can have the doughnuts fresh and warm anytime, with the help of a microwave. 4. The varieties! You want it glazed? Iced? With frosting? Sprinkles? For fillings, just … [Read more...]

Yokomon Ice Cream @ Sunway Pyramid


Citygal picking up using her charm against the guy at the counter. Kawaii Display Winding the lever So there is this place at Sunway Pyramid that makes me give little shrieks of “Kawaii Neh” like those Japanese school girl wannabes. The decor shouts cute and cheerful all at once and the pink white green colours are even mirrored in the little ice cream cups. Probably … [Read more...]

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge@ One Utama Shopping Centre


Theobrama Chocolate Lounge from Australia is making its foray in Malaysia, with the first outlet opened in One Utama, followed by a second outlet in Pavilion KL. We checked out the place after dinner at Sushi Zanmai, another famous Japanese restaurant in OU where you have to queue your way in. Chocolate bars, delicate chocolates pieces with unique designs and decadent chocolate dessert … [Read more...]

Deuk Deuk Tong (Traditional Sweets)


“Dong Dong Dong”, we were distracted from our scrumptious fare of dim sum in Foo San. A man in his early 30s is holding a pair of flat chisels to break the big block of candies apart. Two packets (RM 3) of Deuk Deuk Tong was brought home then. Having lived in a “mentos” generation, it is something new for us but not for our parents. It has brought back a lot of childhood memories of … [Read more...]

Mill Wheel (Pao Bing) @ MetroPrima, Kepong


I’ve heard so much of good thing about this shave ice place, Mill Wheel from friends and colleagues but never gain enough of courage to go beyond the Penchala Toll of LDP to an area that I hardly set my foot in. Being the lucky one, as always, my friends, Kenny and CK brought me here one night.   A brilliant idea breed by a group of ice enthusiastic, Mill Wheel is a huge success … [Read more...]