Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ Mid Valley Gardens


    This is a very dated post where my ex colleagues had a little get-together few months back. Spurred by all the positive reviews on Fong Lye that I’ve read , I suggested dinner here.


    The menu is quite extensive, one can choose from snacks, noodles, rice or the standard set meals that comes with a platter of three appetisers, a bowl of rice with minced pork and a small bowl of soup which varies from day to day.



    My oolong milk tea tastes exactly like oolong tea + milk tea. One needs a little bit of acquiring when it comes to this Taiwanese drink.


    Jasmine tea in cute porcelain teapot set, and the refills of hot water is unlimited.


    A standard set meal.


    Platter of appetizers.


    Soup of the day.


    Served in a flat wok over small fire, the three cup chicken set arrives piping hot. It sure does smell aromatic, with the basil leave and soy sauce. However, my ex colleague can’t even bring herself to whip everything off as the slightly burned sauce was bitter.


    The chef recommendation item, Fried Fish Fillet with Tomato and Fried Egg is one of the best things that we have come across that night. Slightly tangy and sweet, it is a very appetizing dish.


    My other ex colleague reckons that her Taiwanese Fried Chicken was OK but nothing fantastic.


    Taiwan rou yuan/meat ball (RM 5.80) is hidden beneath the thick layer of sticky dough, just like how they served it in Taiwan. It must be eaten hot; else the dough layer would gets disgustingly gummy.


    The taiwan coconut milk toast (RM 3.90) with some great aroma of coconut is dipped in rich layers of butter and milk and sautéed until crisp and brown.


    The sweet potato balls (RM 4.80) are nothing like my favorite stall at Petaling Street. Instead of having a crispy outer layer and mushy soft content, it was chewy and airy. With more misses than hits in our order, we can’t seem to understand what’s the hype about Fong Lye? Guess the golden formula of perpetual long queue + good crowd = good food is not always true and can’t be applied at all time. Any reasons to return? It has to be their attentive services and comfy ambiance and toasts.J
    Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant
    Lot T208
    3rd Floor
    The Gardens
    Mid Valley City
    Kuala Lumpur
    Tel No: 03- 2282 8699
    (Non Halal. Open daily till



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