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    Don’t think for a second that the burger craze is dying down as there are a few more new burger joints opening to spike the trend. One of our latest burger ventures is Kiss Burger @ Desa Park City. The establishment has a fun and casual vibe, with a huge Mount Fuji mural and cute illustration listing down the things to do in Japan taking the centre stage.
    Kiss Burger is the newest baby of the Kissaten family who also own Bangoya and Robata Monkey. The burgers here are Japanese-influenced, making them stand out from the other burger joints.

    HGW-kiss burger

    HGW-kiss burger4

    Coke (RM 4 ala carte) & Calpis Water (RM 7 ala carte)
    HGW-kiss burger3
    Cabbage Salad (RM 4 ala carte) & Kiss Salad (RM 6 ala carte)

    Ordering is simple here. Chose from bun, rice or lettuce burger and top up additional for drinks, fries or cheesecake. Patrons can opt to add RM 5 for potato fries + lemon coke set, add RM 5 for cabbage salad + lemon coke set, add RM 6 for brinjal fries + lemon coke set or add RM 10 for frozen cheese cake + lemon coke set.

    Brinjal Fries (RM 5 ala carte)

    We absolutely love the Brinjal Fries. It came out perfectly crispy and golden brown without feeling too soggy or oil-soaked. Those creamy, decadent eggplant surrounded by crunchy coating were so addictive.
    Kiss Burger also takes pride in their home made sauces – garlic sauce and wasabi sauce as well as premium Heinz ketchup and Heinz chili sauce.
    HGW-kiss burger1
    From top left, clock wise: Saba Fish Burger (RM 11), Karoke Yasai Burger (RM 10), Tsukune Mushroom Rice Burger (RM 10), Tsukune Burger (RM 9)

    We had a party of four so we ordered 8 burgers. The burger size in Kiss Burger is slightly petite, making it perfect for a mid day snack or even lunch for small eaters. The saba fish burger is a first for me. The grilled mackerel filling was warm and juicy, without any “fishy” taste. The karoke yasai burger is a perfect vegetarian option. The thick and creamy potato croquette was equally satisfying. We also tried the tsukune mushroom rice burger. Tsukune is a Japanese chicken meatball with a sweet-savoury sauce, and it was well balanced by the mushrooms.
    HGW-kiss burger2
    From top left, clock wise: Wagyu Cheese Burger (RM 19), Salmon Burger (RM 13), Yaki Tofu Lettuce Burger (RM 9), Teriyaki Chicken Burger (RM 13)

    The wagyu cheese burger was flavourful and delicious, but it was not as juicy as we wanted it to be. Other than saba fish, the salmon fish burger is another great seafood option. It was perfectly cooked, and every bite yields a tender bite. If you want to avoid carbs, try the Yaki Tofu burger wrapped in crunchy lettuce. The yaki tofu was coated in teriyaki sauce and sprinkled with bonito flakes. Last but not least, teriyaki chicken burger is a signature dish here. It was moist and flavourful, bursting with fresh flavours.

    Our favourite burgers are chicken teriyaki burger, saba fish burger and salmon burger.
    Purple Monkey’s signature frozen cheesecake (RM 9, ala carte)

    Purple Monkey’s signature frozen cheesecake is also available for sale here. We had the orea, strawberries, mango and toblerone flavours and all of them were so delicious!

    Kiss Burger is a fun and casual place to have some Japanese influenced burgers. If you are around Desa Park City, you can definitely drop in for some burgers and brinjal fries.

    Kissburger by Kissaten
    Ground Floor, The Waterfront, Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03-6279 9823

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