SS20 Fish Head Noodle @ Medan Selera MPBJ Damansara Kim

    Another lovely Sunday morning where the sky dawned bright and clear. Since it is such a nice day, so the last thing I want to do is tackle the pile of aftermath in my kitchen from any cooking and baking.

    Just when we were having dispute (as always) on where to eat, Sid called, “food invitation to a fish head noodle place at Damansara Kim”. Lovely, double lovely, so here we go again.


    You see stray cats when there are fishes around. Cats naturally eat fishes so they best describe the meaning behind the Chinese Idiom “None of the cats say no to fishes”. Right? LOL

    ss20 fish head noodles

    According to flogger, Tankiasu, this place has been an open secret among Damansara’s corporate slave, so they are doing a brisk lunch time business. It is obvious that there exist a lower weekend crowds in contrast to higher weekday crowds.

    herbal tea

    Once we (BBO, Jackson, Us) were sitted at a table where we can have a glimpse on what’s going on in the kitchen, the owner served us with some cool soothing herbal tea, cincau soya, cendol soya and cendol ice.

    ice cendol


    Look at the crispy coating of these huge chunks of fishes and fish head being deep fried to golden perfection by the owner.

    deep fried fish head

    fish head noodles

    (From Top Left)

    Fish Paste with Rice Vermicelli. The fish paste is 100% hand made and no flour is added, resulting in a soft and pleasantly chewy texture.

    Fish Paste with Chinese Spinach in Superior Soup. . I might be biased because I love Chinese Spinach very much. The superior soup boiled with dried anchovies and cloves of garlic for long hours tastes very good as it glides down my throat.

    Deep Fried Fish Head with Rice Vermicelli is cooked with the usual ingredient such as preserved vegetable, tomato, ginger, spring onion in evaporated milk infused broth. The fish chunk itself has imparted a slightly sweet taste to the sour-salty broth.

    Fish slices with Rice Vermicelli. The owner has done a very good job in eliminating smelly water and mud taste from fishes. No evaporated milk is added to create the dense and creamy soup this time.

    lai fun

    Another special variation would be Nai Fun that is commonly found in Assam Laksa. Unlike their far distance cousin, lean and slim rice vermicelli that soaks up the broth in a jiffy, Nai Fun can be left with the broth for quite some time.

    soy drinks

    The owner’s wife, Jenny is a multi talented steel lady that makes very good soy drink, tau fu fah and pastries. They never call it a day when it the sun goes down, in fact they transform into food vendors, selling the soy based drinks and desserts at TTDI pasar malam.

    taufufah with ginger syruptaufufah with palm sugar
    map to ss20 fish head noodles, damansara kim

    This particular stall gives their customer the option of deep fried/non deep fried fish head, broth with/without evaporated milk and also the type of noodles. My ultimate combination would be a mixture of deep fried fish chunks and fish slices that comes in a milky broth with oodles of soft and slippery Nai Fun. Come and experience it yourself if you doubt my option.

    SS20 Fish Head Noodles is certainly a hidden gem with very decent fish head noodles. I have to say that they are pretty generous with the fish slices, fish paste and portion for the price that we are paying (RM 6 and above). Unlike KaSoh’s version with the oh so good smell of Chinese cooking wine and accompanying lards, this stall is the place for patrons who prefer something light and subtle.


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