Restoran Sri Murni @ SS2

I believed that Murni SS2 needs no furthur introduction. They have the most extensive menu among all the other mamak, you name it, they have it. My friends told me that William’s at Tmn Mayang Baru PJ (Beside old Lim Kok Weng) is another unique mamak stall with specialties such as bacon and mozzerella naan, pasta cabonara and triple H.
Ok, back to murni, even though there’s a wide variety of choices, every table seems to order the same thing – claypot lo shu fun, roti hawaii, tom yam soup and surprise juices with lots of chewy bites.
This was the first time out Korea friends have a bite on truly Malaysian food and they are hooked to it thereafter. Too bad that these goodies are only available in Malaysia. They will be drooling over if they are reading my blog now. :p

Roti Hawaii and we told them that it was Malaysian version of Pizza with soft crust. Guess what’s inside there? Minced burger meat, a sausage center and a layer of egg sticking to the inner skin of the roti canai and not to forget the mayonnise topping.

Cheese Naan – Malaysian Pizza with firmer crust. It it best to be served with condensed milk

Claypot Lou Shu Fun and how we name it? – Chinese Pasta with dark sauce. Stir the raw egg over before you start eating to have some thick and runny gravy.

Surprise Mango Juice, Ribena Longan, Surprise Strawberry Juice

All these stuff costs us about RM 119 – Pretty reasonable and everyone is having a good time

Malaysian + Korean – JenHee and HupLim, Rome and HanSaem, Luna and Chin Kuang

Victor and Nahee – The chemistry of LOVE. When sparks fly between two people, we’re quick to say they have the “chemistry” and it happened between THEM. Hahahaha

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  1. wyejon says:

    The owner of Murni and William’s are brothers! They even look alike.


  2. Radicalz says:

    victor.. u NOOB!!


  3. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Wyejon: They speak reli chun malays! hahaha

    Radicalz: dun be envy la


  4. Jackson says:

    hey, dou mind telling me how to get to Murni???


  5. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Jackson: Sure~! First i need to know where r u staying..:)


  6. Jackson says:

    im staying in Shah Alam, wanna pay me a visit? I bring you to eat Klang Bah Kut Teh !!!!

    email me :


  7. KampungboyCitygal says:

    Jackson: OF course..still in doubt which is actually the best BKT there


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