Protecting Your Loved Ones, While Earning Money – Refer and Earn


    I’ve been a big believer in the gig economy ever since I left my corporate job to set out on my own. It comes with unpredictable schedule and finances, but I’ve gained so much energy and freedom and every day is a new learning experience. However, in order to make up for the financial instability, I will have to expand my source of income, and one of it is through referral programmes.

    What exactly is a referral program? Have you ever been referred to something by someone? You just met someone while you were standing in line at the cafe, and they tell you about an awesome business or service that they like, and you immediately trust their opinion. We like to learn from each other and listen to other people’s opinion. This word-of-mouth marketing is powerful because people trust their friend’s opinion.

    You can work from home and still earn a side income by just referring your friends to a service that you like/believe in. Talk about a win-win situation!
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    Friends of Allianz is a referral programme with no commitments, no license needed, and even no selling. You don’t even need to be an Allianz customer to join. Just sign up, get verified, and start referring your friends, as easy as ABC.
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    Basically anyone can sign up to join Friends of Allianz, as long as you are above 18 years old. All you need to do is refer your family and friends to Allianz’s agents and they will take care of the rest. A kick-starter script will also be provided to you! Upon a successful referral (with policy issued), you will earn a referral fee equivalent to 50% of the policy’s First Year Commission, and your earnings are unlimited – which means the more people you refer successfully, the more you can earn. Not only that, you get to redeem premium items/travel incentives and be eligible for lucky draws.

    What are you waiting for? Sign up is FREE and with zero capital required. Start your risk free journey. Sign up here –

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