Your Home Needs a ‘Guardian’ Too

    Protecting your most valuable equipment from unexpected, irreversible damage
    In our day-to-day lives, and as parents, we take precautions and try to be one step ahead when it comes to safety – especially after having kids. You want to do everything you can to ensure the safety of your family, all while saving time and money. This can include getting the best medical coverage for the kids, finding the most secure car seat, learning the most efficient way to meal prep, baby-proofing our home, and more!

    As we try to be one step ahead in everything we do, it got us wondering as to how else we can protect ourselves, especially at home. Thanks to Schneider Electric, now we understand the importance of taking care of our electrical appliances and day-to-day electronics.

    Power disturbances can happen at any time, whether it is from bad weather, or there’s a power supply disruption – most of us might be vulnerable to these risks. You can face issue such as surges and spikes that can cause a variety of issues, such as:

    • Your electronics taking damage, that can sometimes go beyond repair
    • Shorter life of your equipment and its electrical components
    • Blockage or malfunctions
    • Disconnections

    This can affect your most important electronic equipment, such as your computer, TV, gaming consoles, home appliances, and other sensitive equipment. Since we spend most of our time at home now, it’s due time to invest in a new form of protection – the SurgeArrest from APC by Schneider Electric!

    Essentially, it is an extension plug that goes beyond just powering multiple things at once. Here are its key features:

    • Multi-stage surge protection: it ensures protection to your devices is guaranteed.
    • EMI/RFI noise filter: it protects your equipment from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, specifically valuable for maintaining AV quality and preventing keyboard lockups
    • Surge protection LED: which illuminates your SurgeArrest and supplies the correct utility power to the outlet
    • Ground OK LED: it warns you of dangerous wiring problems in the wall circuit

    It’s also fail-safe, meaning that your equipment will be protected from exposure to any future surges, and once compromised, it will disconnect your equipment from the power supply before any damage can reach it. It will give you a peace of mind knowing that your electronics are getting the right amount of power that it needs.

    We have been using the Surge Arrest for about 2 months, and it’s super user-friendly. All we need to do is just plug in our devices, turn on the switch and go about our day. We use the Surge Arrest unit for our two laptops, two phones, one tablet and one essential oil diffuser on our desk. The USB ports which we use for our tablets and mobile devices are also fast-charging!

    Normally, during blackouts or sudden power failures, it is highly recommended that we unplug our electrical devices from the power source to prevent damages to our electronics. But, the SurgeArrest provides users some peace of mind as it ensures our devices receive the right amount of power that they need. It’s all in the name — the SurgeArrest offers the protection that our devices need in cases of power-related mishaps such as unexpected surges and spikes, therefore, keeping our home and of course, family safe from electrical hazards.
    Thinking of getting a safe and stable power for your electronic equipment yet?

    You can get the SurgeArrest from APC by Schneider Electric on Lazada and Shopee! You can check out Lazada here: and Shopee here:

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