Making Electricity Multitask Without Damaging Your Home Appliances & Equipment

    Do you ever notice that sometimes the lights in your house flicker or dim when certain electronic devices in your house are turned on? A possible reason for this, is that there was a voltage sag in your power delivery. What this means is that there was an abrupt interference in your power supply and this could drastically shorten the lifespan of your electrical appliances.

    Think about the number of electronic devices we use daily, especially now that more of us are working from home. You may think these short instances of flicker can be brushed off and doesn’t affect anything since everything is still up and running. However, if this isn’t addressed, your electronic equipment and devices can be seriously damaged in the long-run, eventually increasing the risk of burnouts, and power surges. These irregular power supply instances can even cause your PC to crash! So, how do we tackle this?
    Automatic Voltage Regulators
    You can use Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR). Sounds too high tech? Well, the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is a device designed to regulate voltage automatically – that is, to take a fluctuating voltage level and turn it into a constant voltage level. Without an automatic voltage regulator, voltage can sag, spike or surge and damage electrical devices.

    There are many factors that contribute to the need for automatic voltage regulation. However, the ultimate reason for using voltage regulation is financial – to avoid the costs associated with equipment damage and downtime caused by poor voltage levels.

    APC Line-R LS Series by Schneider Electric
    Thinking of getting a safe and stable power for your electronic equipment yet? Check out the APC Line-R LS series by Schneider Electric. Among its key features include:

    • Three grounded outlets that provides reliable AVR protection
    • Extended input voltage that allows for up to 240V
    • Power switch with built-in circuit breaker that allows for easy reset
    • Built-in surge protection that protects your devices from damaging surges and spikes

    Asher is a very active toddler so we will always stop him from touching switches with unused outlets around the house. Now we don’t have to worry anymore. The APC Line-R LS series is equipped with safety shutters. This feature will not only protect kids, but also any users from accidental contact with unused outlets. Now I have peace of mind knowing Asher isn’t exposed to any danger while we are busy working.

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