How to Earn Extra Income with Octaplus App!

    Shopaholics’ alert! The smart way to shop is to be rewarded for your spending! If you love discounts, promos, and cashback like I do, you will be excited to discover OctaPLUS cashback app and OctaPLUS cashback website!

    What is Octaplus?

    OctaPLUS is a single platform with all the best deals, cashbacks, shopping tips, and rewards. Users get cashbacks with every purchase and Octaplus offers the highest cap in town. There are more than 100 merchants on board too. I’ve spotted some of my favourite brands and e-commerce sites.

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    Here’s how you can earn cashback with OctaPLUS:

    1. Head over to OctaPLUS cashback page.
    2. Choose your desired merchant.
    3. Take note of the cashback details, tips, terms & conditions.
    4. Take note of the tracking period and redeemable time.
    5. Activate cashback.
    6. And start shopping.
    7. Once you check out its consider successful, enjoy your shopping & earn your cashback.

    If you are looking to earn extra income (even without spending), here’s how:

    Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 1.03.05 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 12.47.41 PM.png

    Looking to earn RM5 cashback instantly? Sign up here! The next time you refer a friend you will get  RM3 cash back, 1 OctaSeed and 600 reward points and your friend will get RM5 for signing up. When your friend has earned a minimum of RM20 confirmed cashback, you will get RM 3.

    Find Yours for best deal!

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    Apart from that, Octaplus has a really cool feature ‘Find Yours’. It is a feature that allows you to search and compare your desired products at one-stop. I managed to secure quite a few good deals from the 7.7 sales, thanks to Octaplus.

    What are you waiting for? Remember to visit Octaplus website or download Octaplus app!
    o Website link:
    o App download link:

    Remember to use my referral link or immediate RM 5 cash in your Octaplus wallet.

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