Discover the Soul of Toyosu Appreciation Dinner

    You’ve probably heard that the iconic Tsukiji Fish Market closed to the public to reopen as Toyosu Fish Market. This world’s largest wholesale market continues to be the main distribution centre for Japanese seafood, fruits and vegetables. One of the key fish and seafood wholesalers in Toyosu Market is Dai Ichi Suisan Co., Ltd.
    Together with local fish and seafood distributor Sendo Ichi Seafood (M) Sdn Bhd, Dai Ichi Suisan Co., Ltd hosted an appreciation dinner which features the freshest Japanese food and ingredients themed ‘Discover the Soul of Toyusu’. Sendo Ichi is known in the market to provide fresh and high quality Japanese produce directly from Toyosu Market. Thanks to them, we are able to enjoy exquisite Japanese food here in Malaysia.
    We heard that all the raw ingredients in this menu arrived in the morning itself, and Chef Sam from Sushi Hibiki designed the menu soon after. We are all in for a treat!
    Canape Appetiser – toumosokoshi tofu, satsumaimo, chamame, amela rubins ohitashi

    The appetiser platter surprised us in many ways. It features some of the best produce that Japan has got to offer – sweet corn tofu, Japanese sweet potatoes, tea bean, amela rubins (world’s sweetest tomatoes).
    Sashimi – Katsuo Tataki

    Katsuo Tataki is a form of sashimi. Katsuo is bonito and tataki is raw fish seared with a burner or briefly fried in a frying pan. The fish is plunged into iced water to stop further cooking, leaving the centre raw. The fillets are served in a dressing of soy-sauce and citrus, then smothered with chopped spring onions. I love the slightly smokey flavour, and different texture (cooked and raw) of the bonito fish.
    Hot Appetiser – Oyster Chawanmushi

    This dish does a great job of balancing bold flavours of the oyster with the delicate chawanmushi. So so so good!
    Sushi – Miyabi Tai, Spot Shrimp, Yellow Tail

    Everything was served very fresh, with excellent texture and taste. The Botan Ebi or spot shrimp is known for its sweet flavours and it was so good indeed.
    Main Course – Sawara Warayaki

    Sawara or Spanish Mackerel is my favourite type of mackerel. I love how I can feel its fats melt in my mouth, with some delicate sweet taste. Chef Sam seared the fish using the famous warayaki method – straw roasted cooking. The burning straws added a delicate “smoked” aroma to the fish. 


    Sake Platter – Nuta Ae, Satsuma Age, Ni Tako

    We got to enjoy some snacks such as seafood and spring onions in miso dressing) fried fishcake and raw octopus that go really well with sake too.
    Sushi – Bluefin Tuna, Hokkaido Murasaki Uni, Saba Fukin Maki

    Having fresh, seasonal seafood sits on rice flavoured with white vinegar – what more could one ask for? The sushi were so tasty and well-prepared by skilled chef from Sushi Hibiki.
    Soup – Shijimi Miso Soup

    I love shijimi miso soup, also known as hangover soup. Such big and bold umami flavours in a tiny bowl.

    For sweet ending, we had a Special Dessert with Seasonal Fruits Housui Nashi. The nashi pear is extremely juicy, sweet and crunchy. So good!!



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