The Importance of Regular Health Screenings


    We have been going for our annual health screening ever since we started working. It is actually part of adulting because regular check-ups can help find potential health issues before they become a problem. And do you know that you can also claim tax relief of RM500 for medical checkup? Why not?
    Why is regular health screening so important?

    People used to see their doctor only when they were feeling sick. Today, preventative health care is common as people are more empowered about their own health. Usually health checks are able to detect health conditions or diseases early. Early detection gives you the best chance for getting the right treatment quickly, avoiding any complications. Sometimes we might not be up to date with the vaccinations we need too – health screening is a great way to tell.

    It is actually a way of being responsible to your own body, as well as to your loved ones.
    We have been going to different hospitals for our health screening for the past few years. We wanted to “try” and gauge which hospital is better in terms of service, efficiency and professionalism. This year we chose do our annual health check at Sunway Medical Centre.
    But how do I know which package to go for? If you are below 40 years old, I would say a general health screening is good enough. For ladies, it is important to add in pap smear, breast and abdominal ultrasound.

    For example, a general health check package would include:
    -History & Clinical Examination by Health Screening Doctor
    -Weight, Height, Body Mass Index (BMI)
    -Vision Test
    -Blood Pressure Screening
    -Chest X-Ray
    -Resting ECG
    -Blood Investigation
    -Urine FEME
    -Consultation & Report

    Due to the nature of our full time jobs, we usually go for our health screenings on a Saturday, just like everyone else. Saturdays are usually packed and the waiting time feels like forever. However, this year, our health screening + report collection is completed at a record breaking time – within 3 hours!
    The waiting lounge at Sunway Medical Centre’s Wellness Centre is really comfortable but we hardly spend time (waiting) here. The flow of the check up is pretty efficient – everything is done in the same floor, and we were being ushered from room to room for different check ups without much hiatus in between.
    We arrived to the wellness centre at 8am, and pretty much got all the checks done by 930 am and were told to go back at 1030 am to collect our report. We enjoyed our breakfast at Starbucks, using the complimentary refreshment vouchers that were given to us. What a treat after more than 8 hours of fasting!
    This concludes our health screening experience, and we were impressed by the efficiency and professionalism at Sunway Medical Centre. They are running a great promo too!

    Remember that it is a good idea to go for regular health checks at any of your preferred hospitals/labs even if you feel healthy.

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