Grand Imperial @ Level 6, Pavilion KL

    Grand Imperial is one of the most reputable Chinese restaurant chains in Malaysia, as evident by their quick expansion and brisk business. Located at Level 6 Pavilion Shopping Mall Kuala Lumpur is their 10th outlet. It is also my favourite outlet by far (we have been to most Grand Imperial in Klang Valley because my parents are such big fan of their food).

    I love the modern contemporary interior with comfortable and spacious seating arrangement – perfect for hosting lunches, dinners and banquets for friends and families.
    This outlet is also equipped with a big LED screen on stage, and 10 private rooms which are decorated to enhance a private dining experience or even, an intimate family gathering.

    Group executive chef Chef Chew started his culinary career at age 13, and has accumulated more than 20 years of cooking experiences. He continuously reinvents Chinese cuisine with a twist of modernity to ensure quality and best  flavours in every dish.
    The menu in Grand Imperial Level 6 Pavilion KL features most of the group’s signature dishes that often leave diners in awe. Apart from that, a wide selection of interesting cold dishes can be found here, and those dishes are limited only to this outlet. For example, the luscious Century Egg with Japanese Young Ginger that reminds me of Yung Kee or Kam’s Roast Goose from Hong Kong and is only selling at a fraction of the price (RM 13.80 for this full plate). With a firm, wobbly texture and a delicious creamy yolk; it is such as enjoyable treat.
    Hamachi Sashimi (RM 48) in a Chinese restaurant, why not? It was so fresh that it is bursting with buttery sweetness that is almost a shame to cook.
    The King Jelly Fish with Special Sauce (RM 32) is such a crispy crunchy delicacy. Grand Imperial uses only the best king jelly fish that is thick and more luscious in texture.  The dressing enriches the jellyfish, which has fairly bland flavour for all its textural excitement.
    Ice Plant (RM 68) is such a novelty dish everywhere. Originate from the coast of South Africa, ice plant leaves look so pretty with the dewy sparkles but hey it tastes good too. It is slightly salty, crispy, tender and refreshing! Such a perfect cold dish with chef’s secret sauce.
    These Japanese Tomatoes (RM 68) are beyond awesome! It is bursting with sweet tomato juice all contain within its round petite size. You just need a light dust of fleur de sel to bring out the sweetness.
    Not for the faint hearted? You either love it or hate it, we love it to bits! Duck Tongue in Si Chuan Style (RM 12.80) is such a great delicacy – it is soft and slightly chewy, and rich and fatty without being greasy or oily. So addictive!
    Chilled Pork Knuckle with Si Chuan Sauce (RM 14.80) is a famous cold dish in Hong Kong and the one in Grand Imperial is surprisingly ‘refreshing’ too! It doesn’t feel greasy at all.
    Here’s Grand Imperial’s signature Iberico Ribs (RM 16/100 gram) in its full glory. The Spanish-style ribs here are slow-roasted to give it a rich flavour, and grilled for a nice slightly charred and crispy exterior.
    The meat is juicy and has a nice marbling, a good combination of lean meat and fat. It does not have the strong smell you find in some other types of pork. Instead, it has a nice fruity fragrance.
    London Roasted Duck (RM 168) is our must order dish in Grand Imperial! It is definitely one of the best roasted ducks in Klang Valley because the the specially imported ducks are much fattier and juicier due to the weather in U.K.
    The skin is so crispy, and the meat is moist and flavourful.
    I love how the chef prepares this gigantic Sea Prawns in Two Varieties (RM 26.80).
    The head is stuffed with a smooth and bouncy shrimp paste and deep fried to golden perfection. The body is wrapped with bacon and coated in a thin batter for deep frying – great umami flavours.
    The Deep Fried Ayu Fish (RM 28) dish reminds me of my trip to Gifu, where ayu fish is from. Ayu fish’s flesh has a distinctive, sweet flavour with “melon and cucumber aromas” and just a simple deep frying method bring out its sweetness perfectly.
    Coral Trout Poached with Olive Oil (RM 39/100 gram)
    Low temperature olive oil poaching is like the best method to cook this expensive fish to flaky, tender perfection.
    Despite what you might think, the fish doesn’t come out sodden with grease, just lightly slicked and rich and silky straight on through.
    The trout’s fish head and bones were deep fried to perfection and dusted with plenty of salt and pepper – absolutely killer!
    Here’s another signature dish at Grand Imperial that we often order – Egg Noodles with Boston Lobster and Truffles. As the plate of noodles was placed in front of me, I detected a strong whiff of truffle almost immediately. At first taste, it tasted just like any other egg noodles. But the taste transformed into something much richer the longer the truffle steeped in your mouth! The lobsters were sweet and succulent and fresh too!
    We were full to the brim but there’s always some rooms for tong sui here at Grand Imperial. I love the their Chinese almond soup with egg white!

    If you are looking for some top notch Chinese food in downtown KL, Grand Imperial is the place to go to! The food and presentation is outstanding, service is attentive and you get what you paid for!

    Grand Imperial Restaurant @ Level 6, Pavilion KL
    Address: Pavilion Lot 6.39.00, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03-2110 2912 / 13
    11.00pm – 3.00pm | 6.00pm – 10.30pm
    10.00am – 3.00pm | 6.00pm – 10.30pm

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