What are The Secrets to My Modern Parenthood?

    There are no secrets really. Maybe some useful tips and guides that we’ve learnt or picked up a long the way. If you are a parent, new or seasoned, remember to download this free e-book “The Secret to My Modern Parenthood” from KAO Malaysia website.
    Their theme “Value Your Time, Value Your Happiness” really resonates with us. We have our hands full with work and family all the time, but at the same time we really want to spend more time with our baby and experience the joy of parenthood. Glad that our lives are so much easier with modern conveniences such as disposable diapers, steriliser, washer dryer and etc.

    There are also many handy tips and helpful tricks inside “The Secret to My Modern Parenthood” book to help you tackle parenting in a fun, quick, easy and manageable way. I also like how it gets daddies to be involved!
    These are some of the tools that make housework a lot more easier and fun!
    We have been a long time user of Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner. My sister in law who is an avid cook introduced it to us. I just spray 2-3 times on my kitchen hob and backsplash after cooking then wipe it off with a damp cloth. It breaks down greasy and sticky stains oil stain easily.
    The Magiclean Stain & Mold High Trigger was introduced to us by our followers lol! It works really well in  removing stubborn stains and mold roots. Usually we just leave it on for 5-10 minutes after spraying on affected areas such as bathroom walls, floor, tile gaps, washing basin and etc. No more vigorous scrubbing yay!
    The Magiclean Wiper Mop is another useful tool that every household must have! I rely on my robot vacuum to clean the floor a lot but for hard-to-reach areas such as under the bed/sofa, the Magiclean Wiper Mop’s 360degree rotating and ultra-slim head comes in handy. Look at the amount of dust trapped under our bed!
    What about laundry? Apart from having a washer and dryer, what about a detergent that cleans and softens at the same time? The Attack Liquid Detergent Plus Softener cleans our clothes thoroughly while giving it a long lasting floral fragrance.
    As you all know, Asher has been on Merries diapers since day one and we are very happy with it. The diapers are so soft to the touch and the gathers do not pinch or leave marks! It also has superb absorbency, 3D side gathers and back gathers which means no leakage problem! This is why Asher is such a happy baby! He hardly fusses, except for when he’s hungry or tired.
    If you are interested to find out more about KAO’s products, do visit them at the KAO roadshow at 1 Utama Old Wing centre court till 7th of April!
    We were there at the official launch of the My Modern Parenthood Campaign by President of KAO Malaysia, Mr. Fujiwara Masaki. KAO Malaysia also made it into The Malaysia Book of Records for “Most Number of Free Validated Parenting Guidebook Distribution in a Year”, as well as its accolade “Japan Home Care Expert”. Congratulations!

    Asmar Asyraf and Gina Yong also shared some tips and tricks on how they share household chore with their partners and children. We are definitely instilling those tips and tricks on Asher when he’s a little bit older.

    I like how the roadshow features different spaces in a typical house (with kids) such as playroom, washroom, laundry room, kitchen and etc.

    They also had real families sharing their experiences and giving live demo sessions in using Merries, Magiclean and Attack products.


    There are many great deals, activities and prizes to be won at the KAO Malaysia roadshow in 1 Utama.

    Thanks to all the useful tips and tricks from “The Secret to My Modern Parenthood” (download from KAO Malaysia website), we are ready to tackle parenthood in a fun and effective way!

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