Kin Gyu 金牛 @ Desa Sri Hartamas

    Picture this: A generous amount of Japanese wagyu beef lightly grilled with a piece of hot lava stone from Mt Fuji and sprinkled with your choice of salt (from more than 20 selection).That’s the Kin Gyu 金牛 @ Desa Sri Hartamas, and it’s worth going out of your way for.
    Kin Gyu is actually the sister restaurant of the famous Shin Nihon. It is located opposite Shin Nihon, one floor above Guardian. The signboard is small and discrete so remember to look out for this gold bull head! We were there on their third night of operation and the restaurant is FULL!
    Unlike Shin Nihon, this elegantly decorated restaurant only has private rooms, making it an ideal place to eat for any occasion. They don’t built-in grills in the middle of each table because everything will be professionally grilled by the staffs in the kitchen.
    The menu is extensive; and we were most impressed with their range of appetisers – almost every item has some wagyu elements in it!

    Our favourite appetisers of that night were the shredded french fries (best with their signature highball!), wagyu tartar (flavour bomb!), wagyu tendon stew (so gelatinous and rich and soft), raw wagyu with grated japanese yam (so slimy and gooey and so good), egg custard (so soft almost like eating pudding) and luxurious range of temaki, especially the Kabayaki Kyuri Maki.
    Romaine Lettuce and Wagyu Jerky Caesar Salad (RM 24)
    Shredded French Fries (RM 15)
    Wagyu Miso Tartar (RM 50)
    Wagyu Tendon Stew (RM 30)
    Fried Sweet Potato with Honey (RM 13)
    Raw Wagyu with Grated Japanese Yam (RM 35)
    Wagyu Steamed Egg Custard (RM 16) & Scallop and Urchin Steamed Egg Custard (RM 18)
    Temaki Sushi: KINGYU Maki (RM 25) – sea urchin, salmon roe, crab meat and raw wagyu
    Temaki Sushi: Kabayaki Kyuri Maki (RM 12) – charcoal grilled wagyu with sauce
    For “mains”, we chose premium sirloin (RM 1.7/gram) to be grilled on lava stone from Mt Fuji. The beef master will slice the block of beef in front of you, according to the thickness that you want.
    Our piece is accurately weighed at 200g haha!
    Each person gets to choose 3 types of salt from this amazing selection.
    The beef is served 50% cooked, and the lava stone is provided for you to further grill it.
    It has that melt-in-your-mouth feel and buttery flavor that will linger in your mouth. So good!
    The extra thick cut beef tongue (RM 40, 75 gram) is our must order item in Shin Nihon. Glad to report that the standard remains the same here.
    Next up is the Syabu Syabu Hotpot (RM 120 per person) and you can choose from beef broth or dashi soup. The set comes with carrot, chinese cabbage, green onion, enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom, radish, crown daisy and tofu.
    Again, the Japanese waitstaff did everything for us! Her movements are so swift and elegant.
    We got to choose from 3 kinds of dipping sauce – cirtus soy sauce, light soy sauce, sesame sauce
    Just like a typical wagyu meal in Japan, we ended our scrumptious dinner with ramen/rice, followed by soup and dessert. The wagyu ramen in clear broth was so delicious and comforting. We were really full by then, but still managed to finish the bowl.
    And this luxurious rice bowl topped with scallops, uni, clam, ikura, tuna, oysters and crab meat is so so so good! I love the burnt rice bits at the bottom too!
    Kampungboy can’t resist the hard shell clam clear soup (RM 16) – again it was sweet and delicious.

    We would recommend Kin Gyu for a splurge dinner. Get ready to be blown away by everything-wagyu here.

    金牛 Kin Gyu
    Address: 1st Floor, No.8, Jalan 24/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
    Hours: 5.30pm to 1.00am daily
    Tel: 03-6206 3515/012-214 2373

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