Momo Paradise @ Lot 10 KL

    J’s Gate Dining brings together 18 of Japan’s best restaurants, offering customers an authentic Japanese experience.
    One of them is Momo Paradise, an authentic All-You-Can-Eat Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki restaurant chain that first opened in September 1993 at the heart of Shinjuku Kabukicho, Tokyo. Now, Momo Paradise can be found in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, USA, Cambodia, Indonesia and recently Malaysia.
    Occupying a space of 2485 sqft in J’s Gate Dining Lot 10 Bukit Bintang, Mo-Mo-Paradise Malaysia has already attracted a large crowd, thanks to its authentic Japanese hotspot concept of Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki with a focus on using a wide variety of fresh, high-quality ingredients.

    The All-You-Can-Eat Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki is reasonably priced at:
    RM68 per pax – 1 soup base
    RM76 per pax – 2 soup base
    Sukiyaki’s soup base is a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin. Vegetables and other ingredients are being simmered together with the soup in the pot.
    In order to best enjoy the high quality beef or pork, lightly swish a slice of meat in it until it browns slightly. Don’t overdo it—the tenderness is key. Dip the meat in a small bowl of raw, kampung egg after being cooked in the pot, and then eaten.
    How to Enjoy Japanese Hotpot at Momo Paradise?

    1. Choose your soup base: Karamiso, Shabu-shabu or Sukiyaki
    2. Order your meat (unlimited): Premium Australian Beef (beef chuck roll, beef brisket, beef bolar blade) or Sakura Pork (pork shoulder loin, pork belly)
    3. Follow the instructions for best experience. For shabu-shabu use the ponzu or gomadare sauce. For Sukiyaki, beat a raw egg in a small bowl as dipping sauce.
    4. Select your favourite vegetables from the wide array available.
    5. Have some rice, udon and ramen with your soup.
    6. Help your self on the beverages bar.
    7. End your meal with some ice cream.
    kbcg - momo
    We really enjoyed the really good quality meat for both Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu. The selection of vegetables were really fresh too! The service is remarkable, as our wait staffs did a good job in explaining the whole concept and how-tos.

    Mo-Mo Paradise Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki
    Add: P1-10/11 Level 4 Lot 10 Shopping Center, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
    Hours: 11AM – 11PM
    Tel: 03-2110 3588

    Buffet price:
    RM76++/pax for mix flavour pot
    RM68++/pax for single flavour pot
    *Add RM4.50 for refillable sodas and coffee
    *FOC for tea and water
    *100 minutes Eat-All-You-Can

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