GOODNITE’s Love Series Mattresses Launch

    We both travel quite a fair bit and after a long trip, nothing beats coming home to our own bed. A good night’s sleep in our own bed, that’s the best feeling over! Of course, having a mattress that suits our lifestyle and sleeping pattern is very important. Despite spending a third of our lives sleeping, many of us tend to overlook the importance of having a good quality mattress.
    We also learnt how to choose the right mattress for a good night’s sleep during Goodnite Sdn Bhd’s new product launching at SPCC last month. Goodnite Sdn Bhd is the largest bedding manufacturer in Malaysia and recently the company launched its new range of mattresses called the “Love Series.


    Brand Ambassadors Harith Iskander and DJ Jack Lim were there at the product launching ceremony.

    Let me share with you some of the salient points about mattresses:

    -A good mattress encourages good sleeping posture, relaxes muscles and generally provides healthy, wholesome sleep.
    -Better quality (higher priced) mattresses offer quality, durability and warranties that make them great value in the long run.
    -There is no one mattress that fits for all. Hence, the “Love Series” consists of three sets of products with different designs – Forever Love, True Love, Eternal Love.


    Equipped with the best materials and the most advanced features, Forever Love is the highest range mattress in the “Love Series”. Eternal Love’s USP is the memory foam that contours to your body for pressure relieving comfort. True Love comes with Goodnite’s signature DPC® spring system that provides greater durability than traditional spring system.
    The Love Series is also equipped with Goodnite’s patented anti-static technology – Statfree®. It uses carbon fiber in the manufacturing of mattress fabric, which can neutralise static electricity in human body while ensuring a good quality sleep. Some of the key benefits:
    • Ability to relax and experience deeper levels of sleep.
    • Less tossing and turning in bed
    • Need for less sleep – up to 20 minutes less
    • Anti-static function operates throughout the life of the mattress
    • Anti-static function has the added benefit of repelling dust
    2017 Product Highlight
    Not convinced? Watch this video for the product highlights.

    You spend a third of your life sleeping, and how you sleep greatly affects your performance during the other two thirds. Buying a good mattress can therefore be a life-changing investment! The ‘Love Series’ is priced from RM 1,999 (Queen Size True Love) to RM 5,199 (King Size Forever Love), I would say that it is a pretty good investment! For more information, please visit

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