Botanist – Silicone and Sulfate Free Shampoo & Treatment from Japan

    When I was in Japan, I always see different kinds of shampoo at the drugstore and the Botanist brand caught my eye with its natural looking and minimalist packaging.
    For the extremely hair conscious Japanese, shampoo is not just an everyday consumption item, but a lifestyle statement. So it is not surprising that the Botanist ranges of shampoo that are simple, natural and non-toxic are selling so well in Japan – in fact it is Japan’s Cosme No1 Bestseller shampoo brand.
    This is a silicone and sulfate free shampoo that claims to leave hair soft and manageable. We all know that silicone makes the hair smoother and shinier. However, the silicone also settles on the scalp and can trigger allergies, eczema and psoriasis. It doesn’t wash away and continues to build up every time you use the conditioner or shampoo containing silicone. Over time, your hair will become heavy and listless and eventually leads to hair loss!!

    Botanist shampoo is made with 90% of water and natural plant derived ingredients. Silicone free? No problem as selected vegetable extract brings back the natural elasticity of the hair and refreshes the scalp. It is suitable for those whom are concerned with dry and itchy scalp, dandruff and odour.
    Together with kampungboy, we have been using the Botanist Botanical Shampoo Smooth and Botanist Botanical Treatment Smooth for a week. Love the fine bubbles as we lather the shampoo on our palms. The shampoo contains soap ingredients of mild acidity, hence it maintains moisture in its creamy lather while cleanses thoroughly.
    I love how soft the shampoo feels on my hair. The green apple & rose scent smells so good and refreshing. This is because the specially selected double fragrances work perfectly.
    It is a must for me to use the treatment (conditioner) bottle after my shampoo for silky smooth hair after.
    I used to be very obsessed with my straightening iron to keep my hair in place and to prevent frizzy hair but I don’t have to do that anymore!! My hair feels super lightweight and shiny even after blow-drying.
    Some of the crazy stuffs that we do a lot more are to caress each other’s smooth and soft hair, or sniffing each other’s hair for at least 20 times a day. Love the refreshing and fruity scent that continues on for a while even after the hair is dry.

    Botanist products can be found at all Sephora Malaysia stores or Sephora Malaysia online. The retail price is RM78.00 each, there’s even gift with purchase offer while stocks lasts! For more information, please refer to Botanist Official!

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