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    Sometimes you just need something impressive, something that feels fancy, a place with that magical vibe that whispers, this will be a night to remember. Every single time (actually three times only) we are at Babe KL, we have a jolly good time because fun dining is what they do best here.
    Under the helm of Chef Jeff Ramsay who earned and retained a Michelin-star rating until his departure from Tokyo, Babe KL has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the year. His stint in Japan influences him a lot, as shown in the ‘Japas Dining’ menu at Babe.

    However, Malaysia does influence him in some way too, for example I heard him saying “lah” unintentionally and his latest Festive Menu incorporates some very familiar Malaysian flavours. The 12 course Festive Menu is priced at RM 300 ++ per person and will be available from May 26th till June 30th.
    amuse bouche in test tubes – innovative and delicious

    Three flavours are available, each representing a Malay, Chinese or Indian dish. You are suppose to give a best guess but no prizes for guessing correctly. I got it right though, living up to a food blogger’s reputation ahem.
    Foiegras and Jackfruit Crispy Shell with Roast Foie Gras, Jackfruit and Spiced Chocolate Kabayaki
    Onsen Chowder
    Warm Potato Mousse with Smoked Coconut, 63C Egg, and Chive
    Mango and Curry Sphere
    Spherification of Sweet and Sour Mango with Curry PowderP5171696

    Laksa Injection Canapé
    Style Injection Tube of Laksa with Prawn
    Marinated Roast Kabayaki Ikan Keli
    Minced Ikan Keli with Avocado and Pink Peppercorn
    Crispy Chicken Terrine
    40+ Layers of Crispy Rendered Chicken Skin and Char Siu Sauce
    Prawn and Curry Leaf Ice Cream
    Ice Cream Cones with a Savoury Twist
    Manga Crab
    An Edible Cartoon of Softshell Crab, Coriander Sauce
    Snow Crab Donburi with Sambal Japanese Crab Rice Bowl with Homemade Sambal and Dashi Jelly
    Smoked Chicken Percik
    4 Hour Smoke, Percik Glaze, Charred Veggies

    Stanbroke Farms Striploin with Japanese Sambal
    Cubes of Beef on Charcoal Grill with Yuzu Kosho Sambal
    Dinosaur Egg
    Daun Kaduk, Yoghurt, Tropical Fruit, Nutty “Birds Nest”

    All in all, I have only good things to say about the Festive Menu. Chef Jeff Ramsay and team has proven that some of our familiar favourites can be elevated to a whole new experience, where the quality produce is carefully treated with a modernist’s touch.

    Some of the more memorable dishes are the mango and curry sphere, crispy chicken terrine made of 40 layers of chicken skin (!!), ikan keli bak gua (!!), snow crab danburi with sambal and dash jelly (everything goes so well together), smoked chicken percik (extremely juicy and tender), and dinosaur egg (shell made of daun kadok, yolk made of tropical fruit, nest made of shredded coconut).
    There were a lot of “fun” elements too, as seen in the laksa “injection” canapés that is served on top of a sexy nurse graphic, manga crab with its edible drawings and “basil blood” oozing out, ayam perk with edible green curry leaves, dinosaur egg where you have to “crack” the shell open to reveal what’s inside, and etc.

    Oh and if you are here for a birthday occasion, remember to inform the wait staffs as they have some surprise in store for you!

    The 12 course Festive Menu is priced at RM 300 ++ per person and will be available from May 26th till June 30th. It will make a great “buka puasa” dinner, as the servings were quiet substantial to fill anyone’s up.

    For more info, visit babe.com.my.
    Facebook: facebook.com/pg/babejapas
    For reservations call +603.2095 8599 or email reservations@babe.com.my

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