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    Travel is almost everyone’s passion in life.

    What’s not to like actually? Learning new cultures, getting away from your mundane life, experiencing adventures and meeting different people. It all sounds so exciting but when it comes to actually planning a real trip, it is very easy to find an excuse not to do it.
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    We are very often asked for insights on how we prepare for our trips. While we’re no expert and recognize that there are lots of different preferences or styles when it comes to travel, here are some tips.
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    We often use handy websites to help with our travel planning. One such website is It is a one-stop center for travellers. It is the perfect tool for you to plan and discover the perfect journey in and outside of Malaysia. You can browse destinations, discover new interests, plan and share your journeys with other travelers.
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    For example, one can look for the best accommodation deal in Malaysia under the “Accommodation” tab.
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    For events and happenings in and around Malaysia, look no further as one click on the “Events” tab will list down all the important events.
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    If you are feeling bored or lethargic, try looking at the “Places To Go” tab. You might feel inspired to visit one of these places.
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    Learning about the experiences of other travelers is so valuable. On, everyone gets to plan and share their journeys with other travelers. Updating is really easy via the website too.
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    If you are planning for a trip, just click on “Plan Your Trip” and enter your destination.
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    I love this! I can choose my mood such as I feel like just chilling by the beach, binge eating all the way or being adventurous and etc.
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    I’m opting for the food of course, and here’s some food articles and tips for me.
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    If you feel like checking on the other aspects of that same destination, just look to the left of the website and choose for another option.

    Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 8.07.09 PM.png is like a one stop social media for travellers. Everything that you needs to know about travelling in and outside of Malaysia Travel is just one click away. Visit for more information.

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