Gold Bar @ Tropicana Avenue

    Looking for a bar in PJ to call your favourite to hang out in? Gold Bar @ Tropicana Avenue might be the place to go.
    Nitrocoffee – RM10
    So this is what all the coffee nerds are so excited about. It is actually cold brew that has been infused with nitrogen to yield a smooth and creamy finish.

    Gold Bar offers a wide selection of craft beer from microbreweries in Austria and Germany. Small, independent and traditional define craft beer from all around the world. Hence, each individual beer brand is one of a kind. Apart from that, a good selection of wines is available in Gold Bar.
    Papagena Pure Organic Cider
    Refreshing, clean and crisp tasting, the pure organic cider is easy to drink.
    Wieninger Holla
    A mix of elderflower lemonade and strong lager beer; it is refreshing and perfectly thirst quenching.
    Draught Beer (from Left to Right: 1 to 5)
    1. HB Dunkel (Dark Lager)
    2. Pale Ale
    3. Goldie (Lager)
    4. Nicobar IPA
    5. HB Wheat Beer
    Draught beer at the Gold Bar is really smooth and easy to drink. We started from the light ones to the darker ones, and every beer is unique in its own way.
    Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms (4pcs) – RM20
    The flavour and texture of portobello mushrooms is amazing – rich, juicy and almost meat-like. The cheesy creamy fillings make it more delicious!
    Miso-Hungry – RM22
    Salad with Portobello, aubergine, tomato, zucchini served warm with balsamic reduction. The miso aubergine is really yummy, and the greens are fresh and crisp.
    Banana Bacon Blanket (6pcs) – RM20
    Sweet ripe bananas make a surprising and delicious appetizer when wrapped with bacon. Everyone loves the sweet-salty combination.
    Coconut Seafood Soup – RM28
    A rich seafood soup with thai flavours. It is really warm and satisfying.
    Chicken Coq Au Vin – RM28
    Pasture raised chicken from Raub Pahang slow cooked in beer, served on mash. I still prefer a classic, traditional french style coq au vin.
    Braised Pork Belly – RM29
    Braised for 6 hours, the meat is fork tender and well-marinated.
    Brioche Beef Stew – RM30
    After a few hours in the oven, this classic beef stew becomes meltingly tender & enveloped in a rich, deeply flavoured sauce. I really like the buttery brioche too.
    Golden Siew Yoke – RM28
    It is well-marinated but the skin is not crispy enough.
    Half Baked Chocolate – RM18
    We did not expect the molten lava chocolate cake to taste so good. The soft texture of the sponge and the full richness of the melted centre make this a delightful sweet ending.

    Gold Bar
    Address: P-01-17, Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya.
    Tel: +60 3-7453 6808
    Hours: Mon-Fri: 11:00 am – 12:00 am; Sat-Sun: 11:00 am – 1:00 am

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