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    In today’s market, most builders do not really care about closet space. Our master bedroom is just a rectangular space without a dedicated space for the closet. I’ve always wanted a walk in closet (too much of sex and the city perhaps) and even KampungBoy thinks that it is appropriate for us to segregate the sleeping area from the vanity area. So the question then becomes how can we get more closet space without re-doing our entire floor plan.
    And so, we did it again. Remember how we become our own kitchen designer with the help of the IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner? We got the hang of it, and again we utilise the PAX wardrobe planner to create our own wardrobe.
    The beauty of PAX wardrobe system is we can make them look custom by just some simple mixing and matching. If you are working around a tight budget, no problem! Always start with the biggest frame (100 cm width), fit in less drawers and less interiors to bring down the price. You can always add in more fittings at a latter time, when your budget permits. It is very easy to upgrade the PAX wardrobe with more interior fittings because pre-drilled holes in the PAX wardrobe frames makes up/down adjustments a breeze. This is what we do all the time.

    We also like the idea that we are in control of the product from selection to assembly. We get to choose the size, colour and style, sliding or hinged doors, and the fittings to organise the inside.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.15.40 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.15.46 PM.png
    We spent around RM 2835 on our walk in wardrobe when we first move in. The dimension of our wardrobe is 375 cm width and 236 cm height.
    The PAX closet is just a box with doors. You choose the size of the box then you choose the types of doors. It’s really that simple. Since we are opting for a walk in wardrobe, so we can omit the doors. We went for the white stained oak effect frames – 2 x 100 cm, 2 x 50 cm and 1 x 75 cm. There are a few fix sizes for the frame, so remember to measure your closet space before putting in your order.
    Friends and families have warned us against a walk in closet, because if not organized properly, a walk-in can be a huge mess. I have to say that it’s not true. Our closet organisers are doing their job very well. There are so much space for us to hide our mess too!


    I love to primp and take my own sweet time when it comes to beautifying myself, so the walk-in closet is the perfect place for my own private beauty retreat.
    Here’s a mini dressing area for the girl. Happy wife, happy life!
    We love the pull our PAX Mirror (RM 149.00). The pull-out solution saves on space, as the mirror is fitted inside the wardrobe. There’s also no need for drilling, since we can mount the mirror in the pre-drilled holes inside the wardrobe.

    The three tiers KVITTERA serving stand is use to store my ever growing perfume collection.
    I hardly wear accessories because they were all well hidden inside my storage boxes. Now that I can display all my necklaces using the Pull Out Multi Use Hanger RM 25, I will try to accessories my outfit more often. The multi-use hanger has 5 hooks and holds about 5 belts or 5-8 necklaces on each hook.

    The KOMPLEMENT Pull Out Tray with Divider (RM 100, 50 cm width) is ideal for storing all my makeup brushes, mascara, lip glosses and other cosmetic items. I used to keep them inside my make up pouches and some even went expired because I hardly use them. Now that everything is well organised and within reach, I felt like I have more “NEW” make up products to play with.
    I think KampungBoy has more accessories and knick-knack than me! His 100 cm width KOMPLEMENT Pull Out Tray with Divider (RM 160) is being filled up to the brim.
    I never knew that he has so much of ties, watches, cuff links, bow ties and etc. Now that everything is displayed on an orderly manner, you can tell that who is the shopaholic amongst the two of us. KampungBoy, you are on shopping ban until further notice.



    The STRIBERG LED lighting strip, aluminium-colour creates so much ambiance to our closet space. It also helps us see better in the dark, in case we took the wrong pair of clothings or accessories.
    If you are opting for wardrobe with doors, the light switches on and off automatically when you open or close the door so no energy is wasted.
    For hanger, we bought the HOPA clothes-hanger (RM 9.90 for 5) and BAGIS Hanger (RM 3.90 for 4).
    What about having our own personal valet? The KOMPLEMENT Valet Hanger (RM 5) extends outside our wardrobe and gives a convenient place to hang our clothes for airing, ironing or trying on outfits.
    Thank god for the KOMPLEMENT Pull Out Trouser Hanger (RM 95)! We were running out of space to hang our trousers and denim pants.
    The pants hanger has arms with double loops so we can hang up to 3 pants on each arm. So we were able to fit 12*3 trousers on one single rack!




    Pretty Things In Sight, Ugly Things Hidden?
    The SKUBB Box (3 pieces-Depth 55cm, RM 49.90) are great for storing things in plain sight. I use it to keep unsightly necessities like recycle bags, old bags/clothings and toiletries.

    The SKUBB Box (Set of 6, RM 19.90) is a great drawer organiser. It has compartments of various sizes to keep everything from undergarments to scarves separate and tidy.
    I hope our walk in wardrobe gives you some ideas to create your own closet space too!

    I’m so glad that there’s no more panic moments of finding matching socks in the morning, keep on losing my favorite jewelry, and having my make up products scattered all over the place. Everything is under control, so far 😀

    For more PAX wardrobe inspiration, please refer to Ikea Bedroom Storage gallery.

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