Palladium Cafe @ EcoWorld Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

    我看著你的臉 輕刷著和弦
    情人節卡片 手寫的永遠
    還記得廣場公園 一起表演
    校園旁糖果店 記憶裡在微甜

    我看著你的臉 輕刷著和弦
    初戀是整遍 手寫的從前
    還記得那年秋天 說了再見
    當戀情已走遠 我將你深埋在 心裡面

    I used to be a Jay Chou fan during my schooling day. I still love his songs though, I just do not have enough time to be fan girl.
    “手寫的從前 Handwritten Past” is one of my favourite songs of Jay Chou and remember that little glass house shown in the MV? Palladium Cafe @ EcoWorld Gallery, KL is housed inside a glass house inspired by the same MV.
    “This home runs on love, laughter and cups of good coffee”
    I just have to pay pilgrimage to Palladium Cafe after seeing all the beautiful photos posted all over social media. We arrived there on a Sunday afternoon, and were shocked to find out that there are only 3 tables available inside the glass house. Patrons can opt for al fresco dining, and there are a few tables inside the air-conditioned sales gallery. I do not mind coming here in the evening, as the outdoor area is quite a pleasant place to hang out, minus the hot weather of course.

    We waited for a while, and were lucky enough to grab a table. I lifted my head and saw La Casa’s lady one and her crews standing behind the cake counter and cashier. No wonder the pastries look so familiar. I was told that La Casa was invited to operate this little cafe. Due to overwhelming responses, this cafe is here to stay. It is also a very clever and creative marketing strategy to ignite buyers’ interests on the retail space next to Palladium Cafe.
    Cakes and coffees (priced at RM 10 to RM 15) were good, as per La Casa’s usual standard.
    It was my first time trying their apple crumble cake, and I loved it! I’m going to break out from my usual order of lemon tart next time.
    Upon ordering, you will be given a ribbon. You can write down your wishes and tie it at the “wishing tree” outside.

    I will probably come back during my off days or in the evenings. Weekend crowd is too much for me to handle as this cute little cafe is becoming a very popular photography spot.

    Palladium Cafe (beside TESCO EXTRA Selayang Jalan Ipoh)
    Address: EcoWorld Gallery @ EcoSky, Lot 3972 & 4189, Batu 6 ½, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (Jalan Ipoh), 68100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Tel: 03 – 6251 2255
    Hours: Mon – Sun (12:00pm – 9:00pm)

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