Coca-Cola’s Limited Edition Festive Cans

    2015 was in many ways, a challenging year. Rising cost of living, almost non-existent wage growth, weakened ringgit, global economy experienced a slow-down – there were too much negativities. As we approach 2016 in a jittery mood, we all need some “cheer-me-up” remedies.
    Despite uncertain times, the Chinese will never neglect CNY, as it is a time to celebrate, to welcome a brand new year and to wish each other the best in every aspects in their life. This is also why spring cleaning and buying new clothes are essential – it define the meaning of “sending away the old, welcoming the new 除舊佈新。
    ONE of the most important traditions when ushering in Chinese New Year is to give gifts with auspicious symbols and words that represent good health, happiness, good luck and good fortune to loved ones and friends. This year, we particularly like Coca-Cola’s limited edition festive cans.
    There are 8 designs, and each design convey meaningful good wishes for wealth, success, business, love, career, youthfulness, family and studies.
    Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.39.07 PM.png
    I can imagine the delightful faces on my friends and families when they receive these Coca-Cola bottles. Everything from the images and words down to the can’s colour symbolize a great auspicious meaning.
    For example, “Ong Lai” pineapple, coins and ingots are the images for 財源滾滾, meaning abundance of wealth.
    Or flourish in love 情場得意 just like a pair of magpies.
    Cranes, peach buns and plum blossom represent lasting youthfulness 青春常駐
    Enjoy prosperity in business 生意興隆 with double goldfish and water.
    Last but not least, nothing is more important that peace in the family 闔家平安.

    I love the Coca-Cola gift card idea too! It is perfect to convey our best wishes by using the auspicious Coca-Cola cans. It feels great to be able to spread some optimism in light of this difficult period.

    The limited edition Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans are available in stores from mid-December 2015 onwards.

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