Coca-Cola’s Limited Edition Festive Cans Gifting

    Remember our previous blogpost about Coca-Cola’s limited edition festive cans? There are 8 designs, and each design convey meaningful good wishes for wealth, success, business, love, career, youthfulness, family and studies.

    We had fun giving out these cans to our friends and families. The smiles on their faces really made our day.
    For example, gold fish and water symbolizes the “Prosperity in Business” can.
    It is a perfect gift for my friend Christine who runs her own pharmacy business. May the year of Monkey be a great year for your business!
    Who doesn’t want to “Flourish in Love” just like a pair of beautiful magpies?
    I wish to dedicate the “Flourish in Love” can to my friend Ivy who loves to travel but is still looking for THE perfect travel companion. Wishing you happiness and finding true love in the year of monkey!
    “Lasting Youthfuness” is every girl’s dream.
    To the most doll-like person that I have ever known – Bobostephanie! May you stay youthful and beautiful forever!
    And we gave out these Coca-Cola cans together with these gift cards!

    The limited edition Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans are available in stores from mid-December 2015 onwards. Quick, get yours now and spread some love and optimism to your friends and families.

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