TBEX Asia in Bangkok

    Last month, I was very fortunate to be invited by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Malaysia to be a part of TBEX Asia. It was my first travel blogging conference and it was such an eye opening experience. I flew Thai Airways and I love my spacious economy class seating and excellent Thai hospitality. 
    tbex asia7
    My in-flight meals were gorgeous on both ways (KUL – BKK, BKK – KUL). I helped myself with some Thai beers while keeping myself entertained with some in-flight movies.
    The conference took place in Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.
    tbex asia
    I like how the conference also showcase Thai artists of different genres such as these beautiful indigo dyed fabric.  
    tbex asia1

    tbex asia2
    I also enjoyed shopping for some beautiful hand made accessories and little elephants ornaments.
    tbex asia3
    Such gorgeous hand made mask for Khon, a genre of dance drama from Thailand.
    tbex asia4
    I attempted to become a Thai artist myself too; but failed miserably. I never know that you can carve out of a banana trunk!  
    tbex asia5

    tbex asia5
    There’s also demonstration on fabric weaving done by different hill tribes in northern and northeastern Thailand.
    tbex asia6
    Sawadeeka! Do I look Thai enough in a traditional Thai costume?
    Soon after, we were greeted by a grand opening ceremony that consists of tradional Thai dance performance.  

    The organiser had also specially arranged for an early Loi Krathong celebration for us.

    It was quite a magical moment as we launched our krathong on a river while making a wish as we do so. How I wish that I’m in Thailand now, to enjoy the festive atmosphere as well as the beautiful sights of hundreds of boats lightened with candles.
    I love staying in different hotels whenever I’m in Bangkok and this time we were being put up at Siam @ Siam Design Hotel. It is a stunning design hotel with really bold designs and ideas. 
    Strategically placed on the doorstep of the National Stadium BTS and all major transit links with easy access to most Bangkok hotels, it provides a great base for us to explore the city.

    During the conference, I’ve met up with many travel bloggers and industry people. I also attended a few workshops such as SEO mechanism, photography tips, trends in digital media and etc. Learnt so much from all the industry experts and I hope I can put these information into good use.
    Post conference, TAT took us for dinner at Yodpiman River Walk, a lifestyle mall focusing on a heritage theme inspired by the architecture of Thailand’s Ayutahya period. With a wide and spacious promenade offering great river views and a cooling breeze, it is a great place to chill out. There are many souvenirs shops, restaurants and snack stalls, and a large beer garden with live night time entertainment.
    Bangkok Flower Market (Talad Pak Klong) is directly behind Yodpiman River Walk.  
    tbex asia9
    It was a great experience touring the market. It was buzzing with activities at night. The market is also a maze of narrow corridors and cavernous warehouse spaces. Many Thai flowers such as orchids and roses were spotted, along with imported delicate flowers. 
    tbex asia10
    These beautiful garlands are use in Thai weddings. Garlands called phuang malai are also sold here – it symbolizes good luck and respect.
    The Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok 2015 runs from the 12th to the 20th of October and Chinatown (Yaowarat) is the place to be. We were in awe by the rows after rows of temporary stalls selling a wide variety of dishes from sweet cakes to noodle soups. Visiting the temples and catch the Chinese Opera performing is also part of the agenda.
    tbex asia8
    How could we miss out the famous Yaowarat toast bread? The stall is just across the road from the famous T & K Seafood Restaurant. To order, just tick on the fillings that you want from a piece of paper and hand it to the stall worker. Wait for your turn as they call out your number. We had the milk filling and pandan filling, both were very very delicious!

    Restaurant name: Yaowarat Toast Bread
    Address: 452, Yaowarat Road, Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong, Bangkok, 10100, Thailand (right in front of the Government Savings Bank)
    GPS: 13.741199, 100.508343
    Hours: 6:00 pm to 12:00 midnight (closed on Monday)

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