4Fingers @ Mid Valley Megamall

    4Fingers @ Mid Valley Megamall

    4Fingers brought us good memories. KampungBoy used to work in Singapore and he always told me that 4Fingers fried chicken is his “comfort” food. Whenever I visit him in Singapore, he would take me to 4Fingers and together we would queue up patiently. There is something amazing about biting into the crispy coating of fried chicken. It crunches between your teeth, revealing layers of flavors.


    So you can imagine our excitement when we caught wind of 4Fingers’s newest outlet in Mid Valley. _B251166

    4Fingers uses only fresh ingredients from reputable suppliers that are HACCO certified, so our Muslim friends get to enjoy this delicious delicacy too! _B251222

    Why 4Fingers? This is because the best way to enjoy their delicious crispy fried chicken is with hands, using 4 fingers to pick up and tear into the meat.  _B251170

    4Fingers Drumsticks – 3 pcs for RM 15.90, combo for RM 20.90.  4Fingers is famous for their proprietary sauces that are free of preservatives and MSG – one can opt from soy garlic, hot or a mix of both sauces when they order their chickens. Both sauces were great – the hot sauce is not the tongue burning type but still enough to give a nice kick. The soy garlic on the other hand is savory and full of garlic aroma.  With its crisp, nubbly crust and tender, insanely moist meat, these fried drumsticks were really good! I like the fact that it is not greasy at all too!_B251175

    4Fingers Crispy Chicken (wings/drumettes) – 6 pcs for RM 15.90, combo for RM 20.90. The drumettes and wings on the other hand, were quite small in size, making them the perfect finger food. We were tempted to buy the party packs that consists of 100 pieces of wings and drumettes for only RM 199.90!  _B251195_B251241_B251216

    B.F.F Best Selling Chicken Burger (RM 15.90 ala carte, RM 20.90 combo)

    The B.F.F burger was nothing to shout about; we hope that the burger bun could be more pillowy, squishy, and tender.


    However, the Chicken Katsu Sandwich (RM 15.90 ala carte, RM 20.90 combo) was really, really good! The combination of fried chicken teared into bite size pieces, kimslaw (kimchi coleslaw) and crispy bun (that reminds us of fried manta) works so well together!


    The boneless Chicken Chop (RM 16.90 ala carte, RM 20.90 combo) fried to crispy perfection is definitely our top 3 dishes, alongside with Chicken Katsu Sandwich and fried drumsticks in 4Fingers.

    4fingers MV

    Crispy Calamari (RM 17.90 ala carte, RM 22.90 combo) and Battered Shrimps (RM 17.90, RM 22.90 combo).

    4Fingers home made proprietary sauces worked really well on seafood too! The lightly battered seafood were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. My only gripe was that the portion size for crispy calamari is too small.

    4fingers MV1

    No one can resist a good, crisp, fresh, hot, salty fries; especially 4Finger’s Skinny Fries (small RM 4.90, regular RM 5.90) that comes with seafood or kimchi powder. So addictive!

    _B2512524fingers MV2

    4Fingers @ Mid Valley Megamall
    LG-074A, Lower Ground Floor
    Mid Valley Megamall

    Opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

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