NEW KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap

    Busy busy busy! We are in the midst of moving house, and juggling between work and blogging is always not an easy feat.

    Sometimes, we don’t even have time to sit down for a proper meal as our lunch hour is spent running errands around town.

    However, we have a NEW favourite for lunch on-the-go. The brand NEW KFC Masak Merah rice wrap is so wholesome and satisfying.

    The tortilla wrap comes in a very convenient packaging. Just tear the middle part of the paper wrap, and you get a nice little “holder” for the KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap. Perfect for on-the-go/tapao-ed lunch as you get to enjoy your wrap easily, without causing any mess.
    Just like this!

    The rice wrap is extremely flavourful and delicious that we have it for three times already (so far). What about its content? There are Zinger strips, Colonel Rice, Vegetables (Cucumber/Onions/Tomatoes) all packed into a warmly toasted tortilla wrap. Its JUMBO size version is also very satisfying, giving me the kenyang feel after just by having one wrap. I love the slightly spicy flavour and creamy texture of the masak merah gravy, very authentic.


    The MASAK MERAH RICE WRAP Jumbo (10.5 inch tortilla size) is available in both A La Carte RM6.90 and Combo RM8.90 (served with regular fries and soft drink). Nowadays, a wholesome meal for less than RM 10 is hard to come by, especially in the city area.

    Me and Samantha enjoyed our KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap so much. Remember to try it for yourself, you will sure like it! The rice wrap is available at all KFC for a limited time only.

    For more information, visit and watch the funny video here, I love the makcik who sings!


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