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    One of the biggest decisions we have to make is getting married. As we are moving into our next phase of life, we bought a property, (in the midst of) moving in, started to do family planning, and of course we need to think about our future as a family.

    It is one of the discussions that is necessary to bring up early on a marriage life, and a smart and flexible life insurance is often the answer.

    One such life insurance policy is Zurich FlexiLife Plus, a regular premium investment-linked plan that is thoughtfully created to take into account different life stages, maturing when the life assured reaches the age of 100.

    Instead of buying 3 to 4 types of insurance plans, Zurich FlexiLfie Plus is an all-in-one plan that is:

    PROTECTIVE WITH Comprehensive Coverage
    It covers Death or Total and Permanent Disability. In addition, you can enhance your protection by attaching a wide range of optional riders such as:- Hospitalisation & Surgical Coverage, Critical Illness Coverage, Personal Accident Coverage, Female Protection Coverage and Waiver of Premium.

    FLEXIBLE in managing your protection and investment needs
    Apart from its all-in-one comprehensive plan, it is flexible to accommodate changes to meet your life stage needs. You can increase or decrease your sum assured and premium at anytime; choose or switch funds according to your risk tolerance level.

    REWARDING WITH Loyalty Bonus
    Rewards you with a Loyalty Bonus of 0.5% of the average monthly account value over the last 5 premium years. This will be paid to you every 5 premium years in the form of units, until policy expires at the age of 100 subject to full premiums being paid on time.

    UNDERSTANDING WITH No Lapse Benefit for the first 3 policy years*
    The policy will continue to be in-force and provide coverage within the first three (3) policy years even if your investment account value is insufficient to cover the cost of insurance and monthly fee charges.

    ENHANCING WITH Guaranteed Insurability Option
    Upon your request, this option allows you to increase your basic sum assured up to 20% of the original basic sum assured in every life event without underwriting. These life events are marriage, birth of child or legally adopting child, buying a house or death of a spouse. The basic sum assured will increase up to 100% or RM500,000 whichever is lower and maximum up to 5 events.

    I really like the fact that we can have ONE single insurance policy that covers life, medical and even personal accident coverage. The bonus point that is paid every 5 premium years is also a useful feature as it is paid in units, compounding over the years. Zurich is also very understanding because for the first 3 policy years, there will be no lapse benefit, which means that we will still be covered. My favourite point is the policy allows me to increase by basic sum assured without underwriting based on a few major life events such as buying a property, giving birth and etc.
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    Get 8% extra allocation for the first year Basic Regular Premium if you sign up for Zurich FlexiLife Plus from 9 March 2015 to 8 May 2015. That’s a really good deal!!
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    Apart from that, both KampungBoy and I commute to work separately. We should be considering getting the CoPilot card that provides us safety, protection and convenient on and off the road.

    Powered by Answers In Law Sdn Bhd, Zurich Insurance Malaysia Bhd, and Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd, the CoPilot card is a 3 in 1 card that offers:

    Safety : Legal Assistance
    – Unlimited access to professional legal services
    – 24/7 services & legal assistance
    – Easy, convenient and interactive

    Protection : Insurance Solutions
    – Protect yourself, your loved ones and your passengers.
    – Safeguard your personal valuables.
    – Ease your financial burden.

    Convenient : Other Services
    – Prepaid electronic cash card services through Touch ‘n Go.
    – Simple, fast & safe by just a swipe away
    – 24 hours roadside assistance across the country.
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    It is really convenient because in the event of a road accident, I wouldn’t know what to do! The card offers legal assistance for auto accidents from Answers In Law Sdn Bhd. The driver, the passenger, their personal belongings will also be protected by Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad, plus round the clock roadside assistance. The prepaid electronic-cash card, Touch ‘n Go is a convenient mode of payment on highways, public transport, selected public spaces & selected retail and theme parks.

    Remember to visit or Zurich’s 40 over locations/branches for more informations. Their consultants are more than willing to offer you some free advises.

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