Cafe Hopping Day with the All-New, Sporty Looking Honda City

    With a new cafe or two opening up every other week, the coffee scene in Malaysia is young but vibrant and full of passionate people. It is definitely music to my ears as I am a coffee addict. Great coffee is lifes most affordable luxury and there is something about cuddling a steaming mug of coffee that makes me feel relaxed.

    Cafe hopping is one of the IN things to do in the Klang Valley. So we listed down a few cafes that we really wanted to visit and hopped into the all-new, sporty looking Honda City. We started our day in Three Little Birds @ D7, Sentul and ended the journey at Brewmen with yummy Smores Waffles. What we can say about Honda City is that it best suited for young couples like us! One of my favourite features is its larger rear storage area that meets the needs of all our lifestyles.
    Our second stop was DR.Inc (read as drink) @ Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar. Before the drive over, we walked up to the car and the doors unlocked automatically. Huge plus point for the Honda Smart Entry Key System, we can say goodbye to the old ways where we constantly have to look for our keys in our pockets/handbag.
    It is time for us to have some proper brunch so off we went to Metal Box @ Empire Damansara. On our way we realized that whether as a driver or passenger, the Honda City with its spacious interior and cabin seating keeps us really comfortable no matter where we go!
    We were BEAM-ing with joy as we finally found our way to BEAM, a hidden gem located in the middle of an industrial park in Bandar Sri Damansara. To give an idea, our orders of matcha milk as well as a cold brew of Cherry Red Natural Yirgacheffe were really good.

    KL city is notorious for its traffic congestion, so when it comes to fuel saving the Econ mode is one important feature. To give an idea, we drove from Sentul to Bangsar using Mahameru

    Highway, and from Bangsar to Empire Damansara using the Sprint Highway with similar driving conditions and distance. From Sentul to Bangsar, we turned off the ECON mode and from Bangsar to Empire Damansara, we turned it on. The fuel consumption per mileage is about 10% less. We just pumped RM 50 of fuel but we consumed less than half of it for our cafe hopping journey.

    So what do you guys think? Do check out our article featured in Honda’s With Dreams and let us know!

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