A Peek into Our Newlywed Room

    We purchased our first home 2 years after we started working. Shortly after we got our house key, KampungBoy was relocated to Singapore. So I was left alone with a daunting task to furnish our house. IKEA, being a one-stop centre for home furnishing becomes my best friend. It offers a very convenient shopping experience such as shopping guide and pencils to note down items of choice and their location across the store. At the self serve area, I just need to ask for help and IKEA staffs will help me to load larger items on my carts. Hence, 90% of the stuffs in our current place come from IKEA – even the kitchen cabinets.
    Right after we put the rings on each others’ fingers and said “I Dos.” , it is time for us to settle in and enjoy our newly married bliss in a (sort of) new home.

    But wait, KampungBoy did not like my pastel coloured master bedroom. Too girlish, he said. And what about his wardrobe space that I have totally forgotten about. Ops!

    Fortunately, all the IKEA furnitures in my room are in neutral colours, so it is very easy for us to redecorate the room and the make the most out of our tight budget (after a beautiful wedding celebration and exotic honeymoon). And all we need is a little bit of clever storage idea to accommodate our huge clothing collection.

    First we created a monotone colour scheme for our bedroom, inspired by our panel of curtains. I purchased the fabric from IKEA and used their sewing service by giving them the required measurements. For the small window, the ENJE roller blind is a great option for adding an element of privacy to our room. My dad installed the RACKA curtain rods for me!

    KampungBoy always say that our bedroom is our sacred sanctuary. It is a relaxing space for us to unwind after work, catching a movie or having a good night’s sleep.

    Our trusty HYLLESTAD pocket sprung mattress (with 25 years guarantee) and RÖDTOPPA quilt have been there since day 1. We bought the SISSELA quilt cover & 4 pillowcases, GURLI cushion cover in black and Inner Cushion Pad to set a monotone mood. The next time we want to create a new colour scheme for our room, we can always pick up quilt cover and pillowcases set in different designs as well as cushion covers in different textures and colours from IKEA.

    Our floor lamp is really old, but we thought it’ll be such a waste to throw it away. So we gave it a new look with the SKEBY lamp shade with beautiful embroidery patterns. I use a warm colour light bulb to create a romantic glow in our room.
    Our relaxing space should be free of electronics and full of tranquil elements so we frame some travel quotes on the TOLSBY frame on top of my bedside readings. Our HEMNES bedside table comes with a drawer and a rack on the bottom that provides some storage space.
    Since KampungBoy is moving in with me, we bought an ANEBODA chest of 3 drawers too. It provides plenty of space to store our knick-knacks such as chargers, bed sheet, boxes, toiletries and etc. All our stuffs are in good place now!

    A full-length mirror against the wall brings a relaxed mood to the room, we thought. So we bought the STAVE mirror that is very, very useful for some #ootd shoot!
    We also like to personalize our home and give it some characters. IKEA’s NYTTJA photo frames in multiple colour choices is a great choice. Print some inspiring quotes and fun patterns and frame it.
    The vanity corner is my personal space. I spend a lot of my time at the MALM dressing table, sitting comfortably on the SNILLE swivel chair – every morning preparing for work and every evening going through my skin care routine. My favourite part is the smooth running drawer with pull out stop, because KampungBoy will stop complaining that loud bang from closing drawer wakes him up.
    The SMACKER cutlery tray and STODJA utensil tray help me to keep things in order. All my cosmetic products are so well organised now.
    Sometimes, all you need is a little space. For us, we need a lot of wardrobe space. The PAX wardrobe with 10 years guarantee opens up to new possibilities because we manage to have all our clothings in place.
    I like how one can personalise his or her PAX wardrobe with interior fittings such as KOMPLEMENT drawer, ALGOT wire baskets and ALGOT rod for frame.
    The SKUBB set of 6 boxes is great to organise loose items such as jewelleries, socks and inner wear.
    Bathroom is a space that we use everyday. Unfortunately, our master bathroom is really small. So it is very important for us to keep it bright and cheery with the use of KOLJA mirror and GRUNDTAL glass shelf. 
    Indoor plants are a nice way to add a splash of fresh and inviting colour. We bought the ORADD plant pots and put in some low maintenance plants inside.
    The BOLMEN toilet brush and holder matches our monotone theme too! The NACKTEN bath mat with latex backing is a non-slipping. It is a very practical purchase because the bath mat is washable.

    MOLGER step stool in birch colour is our mini shelving unit in the toilet. Sometimes, we put some books and hand towels there. Sometimes potted plants and toiletries. Who else reads when you are taking a dump? Me!
    The VARPAN 3 piece bathroom set added a pop of red to our monotone toilet.
    Because there is no space for shelving, we place the ENUDDEN hanger for door and it saves us a lot of space. We can hang our towels and clothes here!
    Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 6.56.13 PM.png
    It is no secret that IKEA is our place for home furnishing and home improvement. It is also the only place in Malaysia that lower some of their product prices every year. Whenever there is an economy of scales in production, IKEA will pass the cost savings to consumers.  Remember to look out for the Even Lower Price tag for greater savings. More info: http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_MY/campaigns/2015/evenlowerprices.html

    IKEA also offers flexible payment options from as low as RM500 to make it easy & affordable for everyone to own their dream home. More info: http://IKEA.my/IPP

    Last but not least, you got to watch this “improve your private life” video here! So hilarious!

    The key to a happy home is a happy private life. Begin your journey of shelf discovery at IKEA.my/privatelife 


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