Uokatsu @ Plaza Damas 3

    Sometimes we discover the greatest foods in the most unexpected places. Uokatsu, a tiny Japanese restaurant-cum-fish supermarket located at Plaza Damas 3 is a classic example. Loosely translated to “fish victory”, Uokatsu is here to offer you a taste of what you have been missing from normal Japanese restaurants.
    Manned by a husband-and-wife team, Uokatsu started off as a fish supermarket, providing fresh seafood options to households. The owner, Tomono San who hails from Hokkaido, grew up in a fisherman’s family which allows him to source his seafood directly from his family members back in Japan. With the help of his Malaysian wife Winnie, they started to operate a kitchen during lunch hours to serve customers. The menu is small but compact and there are only six tables available at any time.
    It was through word-of-mouth from a few friends who recommended this place that both me and kampungboy decided to check it out.
    We started off with the hamachi sashimi (RM25). The thickly-sliced yellow tail sashimi was so fresh, with its natural sweetness emanating with every bite. We also liked the firm texture, it almost felt like we were eating meat.

    Winnie highly recommended their homemade dried saba (RM20 for half portion) as it is juicier and contained more fat than regular saba. It tasted fresh and sweet indeed.
    Here comes the pièce de résistance! Uokatsu’s Hokkaido grilled scallop (RM30) came in a humongous size – bigger than the size of my palm. The scallop was so soft and succulent with a mildly sweet taste. I also liked how they served it together with the shell, as the shell held all the sweet essence coming out from the scallop.
    Boiled together with fish bones and other parts, Uokatsu’s miso soup (RM4) was given that special magic touch from the ocean. It was delicious and tummy-warming at the same time.
    The restaurant also makes its own teriyaki sauce. It was lighter than most others and not too sweet. I like how the chef prepared the buri (yellow tail) teriyaki (RM20), with the fats cooked off and flavours sealed in. The flesh was so soft and tender as a result.
    Serving only fresh seafood prepared with the simplest cooking method, Uokatsu is definitely doing it right. If you are looking for fancy Japanese food, this is not the place for you. However, Uokatsu definitely fits the bill when you crave for some homely, simple, and no-frills Japanese food.

    Uokatsu Japanese Restaurant
    B-0-7, Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
    Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel: 03-62010339
    Hours: noon to 230 pm (Tuesday to Friday), 10am to 230pm (Sat, Sun and PH). Dinner is also available every Friday and Saturday.

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