Café 9 – A Taste of Thai @ Seksyen 17, PJ

    The row of shop lots along Jalan 17/45 has been quiet for years, but in recent two years it has welcomed an influx of new restaurants, burger bars and cafes serving the Seksyen 17 neighbourhood. Café 9 is one of the latest additions to our ever-growing local dining scene. Not to be mistaken as a café, Café 9’s interior décor fuses contemporary Asian and minimalist styles. The space is bright, airy and buzzing with almost every table taken on a Sunday night.
    Lemongrass Tea (RM 8.90), Guava Assamboi (RM 10.90)

    We started off with some hot lemongrass tea. It was refreshing and worked really well in combating my cough and cold. KampungBoy had the Guava Assamboi. Sweet and tangy, it was a great drink to warm up the appetite and cleanse the palate. Café 9 takes pride in their selection of mocktail drinks, fresh juices, Lavazza coffee and tea.
    Fish Cakes (RM 17.90). Our appetiser of Thai Fish Cakes tasted fantastic and had the perfect texture of a real thai fish cake. I liked the subtle flavor of the curry paste in it and the addition of chopped long beans gave it a great, nice crunch.
    Prawn Cakes (RM 18.90). Bursting with flavor and texture, these prawn cakes were a delight in every bite. The breadcrumbs make these lighter in texture as compared to the Thai fish cakes.
    Pomelo Salad (RM 20.90) is one of the most famous of all Thai salads, and a favorite of ours. What we liked about this salad is when the pomelo bits burst inside our mouths–juicy and sweet. It was great combination of flavours and textures when we had it together with the shrimps and beautiful dressing.
    Tom Yam Chicken Soup (RM 15.90). The clear soup was not as spicy as you’d get it in Thailand, but it still packed a respectable punch. I liked how they were generous with the chicken pieces and sliced abalone mushrooms. Patrons are given an option to choose the level of spiciness and we opted for “medium”.
    The Massaman Curry Chicken (RM 18.90) is a muslim style curry from Southern Thailand. The dish features potatoes, peanuts and five-spice powder that develops into a flavorful combination of heat and spice. The creamy and nutty curry gravy went really well with our bowls of white rice.
    Steamed Siakap Fish with Lime and Chilli (RM 37.90).
    This dish was very flavourful – sweet, sour, spicy at the same time. The fish was cooked just right, it’s flesh still soft and sweet. However, I wouldn’t mind more fish sauce for that umami factor.
    Cafe 9’s signature dish of Dancing Fish was truly a beautiful dish. The chef expertly scored the fish body parts to unfold and deep fried it to resemble a fish in its most graceful movement. A dish to impress indeed.
    Our order of Fried Kangkung (RM 10.90) arrived piping hot and full of ‘wok hei’. I liked the crunchy stems and the gravy that went well with white rice.
    Who would expect a good cuppa in a Thai café? A good Flat White (RM 9) after a big Thai dinner is definitely a great way to end the night. Café 9 is a place where one can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine as well as the delicious taste of Lavazza coffee at any time.

    Café 9 – A Taste of Thai
    27, Jalan 17/45
    46400 Petaling Jaya.
    Tel: 03-79322899
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