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    When we were traveling to Seoul, we saw Bulgogi Brothers in most areas and we were told that it is a popular franchise in Korea, Canada, Philippines, China and London. The good news is we now have Bulgogi Brothers in Malaysia too! This casual dining restaurant is not only famous for its grilled marinated beef as Bulgogi Brothers also feature a variety of menu options including soups, salads, hot stews, as well as all rice and noodle dishes. P6113299
    Bulgogi Brother’s interior reminds us of a few casual restaurants that we visited in Seoul. It has a cool and casual vibe with warm lighting and K-Pop music videos played on loop on the flat-screen TVs on the walls. P6113269 P6113267
    We love Bulgogi Brother’s ban chan (side dishes) selection of mashed pumpkin and other pickled vegetables, just like how they serve it in Seoul. The sourish kim chi really whetted our appetites. It is a bonus that they offer unlimited refills. bulgogi bro
    Oksusu Cha (corn kernel tea) is a plus point too, as it is my favourite tea from South Korea. P6113278 P6113279
    Bulgogi Brothers has recently come out with a revolution on the Korean food scene by introducing Korean style burgers to the market. It is such a brilliant idea as they transform some of the most traditional Korean flavours and dishes into burgers by incorporating a myriad of authentic ingredients and unique sauces. There are 4 flavours all together, scroll down to find out which one we like the most! P6113293

    The first burger we tried is inspired by Bibimbap, a popular Korean rice dish favourite which comprises of sautéed vegetables, egg and sliced meat, Bulgogi Brothers has created Bibimbap burger which features their home-made premium beef patty, topped with sprouts, carrots, zucchinis and to complete the stack of Bibimbap- inspired goodness, a sunny side up. P6113296
    It was a unique experience as we savoured the burger. It is something that tasted very familiar to us but in a different form. The beef burger patty was hand mashed, resulting in a juicy and flavourful bite. I also like how the vegetables gave that little bits and bites of crunch and chew. Last but not least, remember to poke through the yolk and enjoyed the runny hot mess on your burger!

    This is definitely a burger not to be missed for Kimchi lovers! Sink your teeth into a sinfully delicious burger that is oozing with Kimchi goodness, layered with mushrooms, lightly sautéed Kimchi and a perfectly seared handmade beef patty, sandwiched between flavourful charcoal buns.
    P6113312 P6113316
    I always think that if a burger is not tender, juicy and flavorful, it is just not worth your calories. The kimchi burger is an exciting, tasty and decorative twist on a classic burger. The chef has brilliantly mixed some kimchi and mushroom onto the patty, so it was really tasty with a great texture and a little crunch. In this burger, the umami comes from the vibrant flavour of sauteed kimchi, melted cheddar cheese and mushroom. So delicious that most ladies voted this as their number one choice.

    Named after a famous city in Korea, the Spicy Gwangyang is a fiery bite of tender sliced beef brisket, drenched in our spicy barbecue-like Osam sauce. Garnished with button mushrooms and onions, along with slivers of melted American cheese, this combination makes for a messy meal that will have you licking your fingers and smacking your lips in satisfaction!
    Here comes the boy’s favourite! Instead of your usual beef patty, sliced beef briskets were piled high on top of the bun and blanketed in a rich and spicy osam sauce. The tender slices of beef were so juicy, so flavorful as they soak up every savoury essence of the marinade and the fiery sauce with a ever-so slightly sweet after taste.

    Just like a good sloppy joe, the Spicy Gwangyang Burger is messy to begin with but one gets addicted to it after a while.

    The Unyang Burger will sure satisfy your carnivorous cravings with a burger piled high with meat. A hefty delight of home-made premium beef patty, layered with American cheese, beef brisket in savoury sauce and beautifully garnished with crispy shredded potato sandwiched in a toasted charcoal bun.
    The unyang burger was my favourite as I got to enjoy the best of beef patty and beef brisket worlds – two different textures and double juiciness. The meat Juices dripped from the meat as I bite, pooling on the plate. Having the meat freshly grounded made a huge difference in the quality and flavor, hence only the simplest of seasoning was needed to round out the flavors.
    Happy burger faces, together with Sixthseal and Beautiful Nara.
    We really like the idea of Korean burgers and how Bulgogi Brothers incorporates only the best of quality ingredients into their burgers. All the four flavours were really delicious and it is so hard to resist having only one of these burgers.

    Are you ready for the #koreanburger revolution? Enjoy a 10% discount on the burgers from 16th June to 30th June 2014 by just mentioning “Kampungboycitygirl” to any of the friendly Bulgogi Brothers staff.

    Bulgogi Brothers
    Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya
    Pavilion KL
    eCurve, Mutiara Damansara
    Mid Valley Megamall

    Facebook: Bulgogi Brothers Malaysia
    Website: http://www.bulgogibros.com.my


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