Malacca Food Trip Part II

    Speaking of Malacca and you’ll think of its famous satay celup, Nyonya offerings and cendol drizzled with santan and gula Melaka. To escape the scorching weather, head to East & West Rendezvous Café for an icy bowl of cooling cendol. The durian cendol is a generous bowl filled with fine shaven ice, sago bits, cendol, red beans and a generous drizzle of gula Melaka and durian pulp – so good! One cannot leave without trying their Rempah Udang Nyonya and Nyonya Chang (dumplings). The dumpling’s glutinous rice is coloured with Butterfly Pea Flower and the home made fillings of minced pork, mushroom and wintermelon is simply mind blowing!

    If you are hitting the malls in Malacca town, you will not miss out Nadeje Patisserie as they have two branches in Dataran Pahlawan and Plaza Mahkota. It is an eating establishment in Malacca famous for its mille crepe cakes. Mille crêpe is a French cake made of many crêpe layers and many people drives to Malacca just to take away. There are a number of flavours offered in Nadeje – Original, Cheese, Strawberry, Rum & Raisin, Tiramisu, Chocolate and etc.

    We often end a day trip to Malacca by having a satay celup dinner/supper at Ban Lee Xiang. Satay Celup is unique to Malacca so anyone who goes to Melaka should not miss this Melaka delicacy. Satay means skewered food while Celup means to dip in. One is suppose to cook the raw food on the sticks in a boiling spicy peanut sauce, much like a Chinese steamboat. The hot, thick and creamy peanut sauce just makes everything extra delicious.

    Nadeje Patisserie
    Nadeje Patisserie is great chill-out place where you can sit down, have a cup of coffee and a slice of their famous mille crepe – when it is not crowded. When it does get crowded, opt for takeaway as the dedicated take over line moves faster.
    melaka I1
    Original Slice (RM 9), Tiramisu (RM 9), Rum Raisin (RM 9) and Mango Tart (RM 9).
    The crepe cakes are nicely executed, as the crepe layers remain soft and moist without feeling too rubbery. The fresh cream in between the layers is velvety smooth and it is a delightful experience when the layers melt in your mouth.
    Nadeje Patisserie
Lot UB051, 052 & 053,
    Dataran Pahlawan Melaka,
Jalan Merdeka,
    75000 Melaka.
    Tel : +606 284 3469
    Business Hours: 10am-10.30pm
    GPS: 2.191174,102.250872

    G-23 & 25, Jalan PM 4,
    Plaza Mahkota,
    75000 Melaka.
    Tel : +606 283 8750
    Business Hours: 10am-10.30pm
    GPS: 2.188536,102.245443

    East & West Rendezvous Cafe
    It is a small quaint café nestled amongst a row of heritage shop houses along the famous Lorong Hang Jebat.

    melaka I4
    East & West Rendezvous’ signature Nyonya Cendol (RM 2.50) is filled with soft and fluffy finely shaved ice – perfect for the oppressive hot weather in Melaka. They also douse the entire shaved ice concoction with pure gula Melaka. The durian cendol (RM 3.50) is topped with dollop of real durian fresh pulp – so good!
    melaka I3
    Rempah Udang Nyonya (RM 1 each) is essentially stuffed glutinous rice with spicy coconut filling. It is freshly made everyday at East & West Rendezvous café everyday. The glutinous rice is soft and warm while the spicy coconut filling is very fragrant.
    melaka I5
    The shop owners also make their own Nyonya Chang (RM 5) that is selling like hot cakes! The delicious home made fillings of minced pork, mushroom and wintermelon is really addictive.

    East & West Rendezvous
    60, Lorong Hang Jebat,
    75200 Melaka
    Tel: 016-634 6283 (Grace Tan)
    GPS: 2.198786,102.249756

    Ban Lee Xiang
    Satay Celup is another popular thing to eat in Melaka. While Capitol Satay is the popular spot, the long queue often put us off. Being a little way out from the historic town centre, Ban Lee Xiang is a great alternative to go to for the same food quality and less crowd.
    melaka I2
    Food on skewers (RM 0.60 each) is placed in self-service refrigerators.
    The satay sauce is served in a ever bubbling pot placed in the centre of the table, and patrons dunk in the raw food on skewers until it is cooked. The peanut based gravy is thick and aromatic with a spicy note.

    Ban Lee Siang
    45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,
    Bandar Hilir,
    75300 Melaka
    Tel: 06-284 1935
    Hours: Open daily from 5pm to 12 am
    GPS Coordinates: N 2 12.151 E 102 14.628

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