Bangkok Itinerary Day 3: Silom Thai Cooking School

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    Attending a Thai Cooking Class is one of the best and most authentic experience we have ever had in Bangkok. We selected a few cooking schools and finally decided on Silom Thai Cooking School as it is located not too far off from our hotel and the pricing is really reasonable (1000 baht per person). There are three cooking sessions in a day (9am to 1pm, 140pm to 530pm, 6pm to 9pm). The fee of 100 baht per person includes all cooking ingredients and refreshments.
    Our email correspondence was done with Mai and she waited for us at Chong Nonsi BTS station. We then walked to Silom Market (Silom Soi 20) together with the other participants.
    The class starts with a visit to the wet market. Nusi, the owner of Silom Thai Cooking School, took the class to a local wet market to shop for fresh ingredients. The walk through the market is an experience itself with Nusi explaining all the various Thai herbs and spices.

    Each of us were given a basket and our task is to fill it with ingredients to be cooked later.
    I’m loving the vibrant colours!
    After a tour around the wet market, we walked to the cooking school which is housed in a three storey apartment building.
    Our half-day course includes an introduction to fundamental ingredients and techniques of Thai Cooking. We also have hands-on experience to prepare and cook at five dishes.
    Oliver guided us through the preparation and cooking process of the five dishes. He is a nice and friendly chap and even though everyone in our class comes from different countries and backgrounds, we had so much fun!
    herbs & spices
    cute containers
    fish sauce, tomyam paste and soya sauce
    The class was conducted in an interactive way – everyone got to participate and we took turn to  squeeze all the milk out from the coconut flakes with our hands until the pulp inside feels dry and crumbly.
    We also washed and cleaned the vegetables under running tap water while some other classmates arranged these fresh ingredients on the rattan tray.

    We sat around Oliver and he started with some simple demonstration. We picked and sliced the ingredients as instructed and listen attentively as he explained on the cooking processes.
    Dish #1: Tom Yam Gung

    Dish #2: Phad Thai

    Dish #3: Green Curry

    Dish #4: Chicken Salad
    Dish #5: Red Ruby

    After cooking the courses, we got to taste and eat the food that we cooked immediately. The ingredients were so  fresh and the flavour was spot on!  I could not imagine myself coming out with such a delicious Tom Yam Gung. The class includes a set of printed recipes and I did attempt some of the dishes at home too!

    Silom Thai Cooking School
    68 Soi 13, Silom Road.
    Tel: +66 (0)84 726 5669.
    Lessons: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. & 1:40 p.m.-5.30 p.m. & 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. daily.
    Price: 1,000 baht/person

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