Alicafe Tigarasa Restaurant @ USJ Taipan

    Alicafe by Power Root Berhad is no stranger to most Malaysians. Do you know that Power Root is also venturing into the restaurant business? Alicafe Tigarasa Restaurant located at Taipan Business Centre has been serving up unique Malay cuisines, and of course a good cup of Alicafe related coffee/tea since December 2011.
    I love its fabulous black and white contemporary interior, which creates a cozy dining atmosphere.


    Alicafe Tigarasa Restaurant derives its name from these three core sauces/gravies:

    Gulai Lemak which is a Malaysian favourite with creamy coconut sauce as its main flavor. The taste is greater enhance with kunyit, sambal and lemon sauce. The original gulai lemak is slightly watery but Alicafe Tigarasa chef improvised it to a thicker consistency.

    Sambal Lemak is a classic with plenty of chili, garlic, coconut milk, and other flavourful spices.

    Sambal Hebi-Hiam is prepared using dried shrimps (‘hebi’), curry leaves, onions and garlic.
    Pari in Sambal Lemak

    One can always mix and match the three sauces with ikan pari (stingray), ikan selar (yellowtail scad), grilled lamb chop, grilled chicken or mixed vegetables served on a hot plate. It was really hard to choose a favourite but we enjoyed the sambal lemak and hebi-hiam gravy the best!
    Pari in Gulai Lemak
    Pari in Sambal Hebi-Hiam
    My another favourite is the Siakap Tomyam. The superb fresh fish was cooked just right and the addictive tomyam sauce was the highlight – sour, sweet, and slightly spicy.
    Curry Fish Head Set (RM79.90), serves 4. It consists of Red Fish Head, Fried Chicken, Scrambled Eggs, Vegetables, fried mantao and Alicafe Tigarasa’s home made Kurma Madu drinks. Customers who made reservation earlier will be given a 20% discount on any orders from the menu.
    The huge fish head was filled with succulent meat, and the curry sauce was amazingly aromatic and creamy. Kampungboy even asked for a second helping of rice and poured the curry gravy all over.
    We enjoyed the fried mantou on its own as well as for soaking up sauces.
    Fried to golden perfection; these fried chicken were crispy on the outside and juicy inside.
    Kurma Madu – this one is a great thirst quencher for super spicy foods.
    Alicafe Tigarasa’s desserts were pretty good too! The Hokkaido chiffon cheesecakes were light and fluffy. The smooth and creamy filling inside oozes with every bite too.
    The banana roll drizzled with caramel, served with vanilla ice cream created the perfect hot and cold sensation in our mouths.

    Thanks to Alicafe Tigarasa Restaurant, we had a really, really satisfying meal. Menu was good and food excellent, with very good portion. It may be a food review session, but we will actually return again and again to be a paying customer! A MUST TRY place for food! Remember to make reservation earlier to be entitled for a 20% discount on any orders from the menu.

    Alicafe TigaRasa Restaurant
    No.8, Jalan USJ 10/1H,
    Subang Business Centre,
    47620 Selangor
    GPS: 3.04817, 101.68677
    Tel: 03-8011 9412
    Opens from 8am to 12 midnight daily.

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