Leaf Dessert 玉葉甜品 @ Central, Hong Kong

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    Tucked away on the sloppy Elgin Street, Leaf Dessert is a 100 years old premise that serves traditional Chinese desserts. It is also one of the few dai pai dongs (only 28 left!) situated around the Hong Kong island and Kowloon.
    The dai pai dong which is now in its fourth generation is so well known among the locals and tourists that one needs to exercise some patience and wait!. We were there on a relatively quiet morning so the owner (I presume) instructed us to just grabbed a stool and sit down. Apart from their sweet specialties such as Red Bean Soup, Green Bean Soup, Seaweed with Green Beans, Black Sesame Soup, Sago with Coconut, and Glutinous Rice Balls with Sugar, Coconut and Sesame; we spotted the locals indulging in some other noodles dishes.
    We ordered the famous Rice Ball with Sugar Coconut Sesame (糖不甩 HK$8) which looks a lot like our mua chi. However, the rice balls were being served differently from mua chi – it was hot, soft and chewy with a generous amount of shredded coconut+sugar+sesame sprinkles. It’s a winning combination, just like apples simmered with cinnamons, or warm brownies with vanilla ice cream. Must try!
    The Green Bean Soup (HKD 8) too, is very different from our version. It is flavoured with stinky grass 臭草, a type of Chinese herb which despite the name is not stinky at all. It can release excessive toxic heat and clears up acnes. The soup is served together with barley and seaweed as well. Very refreshing, and healthy too!
    Not too far off from Leaf Dessert is where Sing Heung Yuen is situated. It is one of the most highly rated dai pai dong in HK that serves up simple and wholesome local fare such as beef noodles with tomato soup and toasts.
    However, the queue was so long that it will take at least an hour for us to get a seat. Maybe next time? 🙁

    Leaf Dessert
    2 Elgin Street, SOHO, Central
    Opens daily from 12:30pm – 00:30am
    Tel: +852-2544 3795
    Openrice Page here

    Sing Heung Yuen
    2 Mee Lun St (near Gough St), Central,
    Opens daily from 8am-5:30pm.
    Tel: +852 2544 8368
    Openrice Page here


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