10 Layered Pizza!

    The number 10 symbolises perfection or completeness. How very apt for Pizza Hut’s new and innovative 10 layered pizza called the Chunky Loaded.
    Laced with tortilla chips, mozzarella and cheese smothered in Napoli sauce and freshly oven bake on a crust that’s not too thick and not too thin; it is truly a genius creation!
    With all 10 layers of ingredients starting from Crunchy Crust, Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Roasted Veggie Mix, Tortilla Crust, Roasted Veggie Mix, Chicken or Beef Topping, Diced Tomatoes, Tortilla Strips and Mozzarella Cheese; the Chunky Loaded pizza was jam packed with goodness!

    Seriously, it tasted so good! It’s like having thin crust pizza, lasagna and tortilla at one go, only better! I really appreciate the lightness of a crisp, cracker-like slice. It satisfies my craving not just for pizza itself, but also for a taste of other awesome toppings!
    It was so good that Vivy wanted to have the whole pan by herself!

    A dine in combo set for 2 persons (RM 30.90++) consists of 1 Regular Chunky Loaded Pizza, 2 Soup of the Day, 1 Garlic Breadstix and 2 glasses of Pepsi. If you come in a group of 4, go for the Chunky Loaded combo 2 that costs RM 49.90.
    Smoked Deli Wings

    We were filled to the brim after walloping slice after slice of Chunky Loaded pizza but the food kept flowing in! Noone was complaining though. ☺
    I got a beautiful model to showcase the perfect wings.
    Pasta with Tempura Prawn
    Meatball Bolognaise
    Trio Platter of Masala Roll, Honey BBQ Wings, Criss Cut Fries. It is perfect for sharing; among friends and families as everyone can try a little bit of everything.
    Kim, KY and Haze looking all joyful and contented.

    It was a lovely, fun filled evening. Thanks to Pizza Hut for having us and gracing us with your attentive services.


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