Offal-Lover’s Paradise-Ah Heng Food Corner @ Jalan Tiong Nam

    Ah Heng Food Corner is a hidden gem tucked away at a quiet alley off Jalan Tiong Nam.
    Serving honest, home cooked specialties such pepper pig stomach soup, mui choy with three layer pork, pork trotters in dark vinegar sauce, braised pork intestines and chicken in rice wine, Ah Heng Food Corner became one of our favourite dining spot for simple dinner.

    Despite it’s location, the food stall was jam-packed and buzzing with activity as customers arrived in a steady stream when night falls. Patrons can opt to dine at the al fresco stall area or move into the corner coffee shop which is also run by the same owner.
    We placed our order at the stall front before settling down into our seats.
    Our food arrived soon after and we quickly dig in after the obligatory photo taking.
    Deep fried to perfection, the fish cake was fresh and springy to every bite. However RM7 for such a small slab of fishcake was a steep price to pay.
    braised soy sauce eggs (滷蛋)
    An offal lover would love the braised pig intestines to death! The intestines were all well cleaned, no residue of any sort and not even a hint of unpleasant smell. It also absorbs all the rich flavor of the thick, dark sauce. SO delicious!
    Mui Choy with Three Layer Pork (RM 5). Taste the intense flavour and the fats of the pork and leave your guilt at home.
    Chicken in Rice Wine (RM 9.50). It was so good – hearty, rich and flavoursome, with enough rice wine for that kick.
    Pepper Pig Stomach Soup (RM 6). The pig stomach slices were not chewy at all, and we absolutely adore the hot, peppery soup. Hence a meal at Ah Heng often turns out to be a sweaty affair
    Blanched Vegetables (RM 7)
    To get here, drive past Jalan Raja Laut. Turn into the junction directly opposite Bangunan PAS. It’s within walking distance from the famous Tao Xiang Fish Head Noodles too.

    Ah Heng Food Corner
    Jalan Tiong Nam
    50350 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03-9569393
    Opens frm 5pm till late

    Ah Heng Food Corner


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