Say Cheese!

    Last week, I got a special, cheesy reward in the form of a big fat slice of Extreme Cheesy 6 pizza.
    Thanks to Pizza Hut, together with the other bloggers, we got to lay our hands (mouths) on the Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza which is a new addition to their menu.

    Topped with Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Provolone, Monterrey Jack, Romano, the Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza (regular: RM21, large: RM28.90) is a cheese lover’s dream come true.

    I love how the melted cheese is dripping off the sides of the pizza gracefully. I also love scooping the remnants of crispy, slightly charred cheese off the edges of the pizza pan.
    Apart from the ala carte pizzas, one can opt for the set menu. Extreme Cheesy set for 2 person (RM 28) consists of 1 regular Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza, 2 soup of the day, 4 pcs garlic breadstix and 2 glasses of 7 Up Revive. Extreme Cheesy set for 4 person (RM 38) consists of 1 large Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza, 4 soup of the day, 4 pcs garlic breadstix and 1 pitcher of 7 Up Revive.

    A small price to pay for that ultimate cheese experience huh?



    Apart from that, we also tried some old favourites such as the Pepperoni Pizza, Hawaiian Chicken, garlic bread (my no.1 love!!!), ice blended mocha, pasta and fried chicken. Pizza Hut marketing team fed us so well while they just stand at the side and stare! Must get fat together-gether ma!
    Ming, Audrey, Ringo and Iza. Everyone was so happy, flaunting his/her best smiles after the extremely cheesy experience. We even brought home some cute cheese-related goodies!
    A lot of “say cheese” moment after the event.

    I have good news for fellow Nuffnangers! If you intend to be one of the 5 lucky winners of RM2000 cash, do remember to join The Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza ; “Why You Love Pizza Hut’s 6 Cheese Extreme Pizza”. It will be held from 21th October – 16th November 2010.

    All you need to do is to write a creative and interesting blog post on “Why You Love Pizza Hut’s 6 Cheese Extreme Pizza” and take plenty of pictures with the 6 Cheese Pizzas. Cam whoring is so easy right?

    Oh wait, make sure that you mention all 6 cheeses mentioned in the blog post and must end the blog post with “I’m crazy about Cheeeeeese!”

    Just like how I end this post with a cheesy tongue twister:

    Monterrey Jack

    I’m crazy about cheeseeese!!


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