Record the moment

    If there is one moment in my life that I wish I could record down, it has to be the moment when KampungBoy held my hand and in a trembling voice, asked if I could be his girlfriend. His palms were warm and sweaty, and they still are! My heart started beating faster and in a sheepish little voice I said, “Yes!”

    It happened 6 years ago. Our love story sounds like a typical movie plot – boy and girl fell in love at first sight, they went out on a few dates but both were too cautious to make the first move. One day the boy took the courage, popped the question, girl said yes and they live happily ever after. Just like any other couples, we always have our troubles and woes. If that lovely moment is recorded, I can just replay it over and over again, reminiscing the sweet moment and all my sorrows will be washed away immediately!

    Well life doesn’t have a rewind, replay and record button but Astro B.yond HD PVR has! There will be four bloggers in an enclosure by Astro in conjunction with their PVR road show on the 5th of June 2010 from 10am onwards.

    We have…

    Eiling, the food and wine connoisseur
    Ip Chun 001
    eyeris (second left), an undead half-elvish karaoke singer (according to his user profile). I’ve never met him in person but I love his writing style with a witty inclusion, especially the movie reviews.
    Red Mummy, the red diva
    Beautiful Nara, the Perez Hilton of Malaysia

    They will be thrown with some tasks during the event itself and they have to outdo each other in order to win!

    I think it will be fun if there is a giant remote control where the passerby can just press on the pause button and the bloggers must stay still for a while. Or by just a press on the fast forward button and the bloggers have to walk/run/talk 10x faster.
    source DON’T LAUGH

    I’m also a big fan of this “don’t laugh” Japanese game show. Hire some comedians to crack the bloggers up! Whoever holds in their laughter for the longest time will win! It’s not easy ok? I’ll lose at this game soooo bad if I’m in it.

    I’m curious what kind of tasks will the bloggers be assigned with. Whatever it is, my vote goes to *drum roll* my fellow foodie friend Eiling! I’m an avid follower of her blog, and I really admire her spirit of living life to the fullest. That woman knows her food and wine really well! She’s also a true chocoholic that spends SGD 11.50 just on a small bar of Valrhona chocolate.

    So remember to mark your calendar…

    5th June 2010…

    4 bloggers will be confined to an enclosure for 8 hours in Mid Valley Megamall…

    Be there or be square!

    Check out more information about the Astro B.yond PVR here!

    p/s:  Be a fan of the Astro Facebook fanpage ( ) today to win great prizes! There will be an RRPP contest running on the 1st of June. Keep an open eye for it.


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