Big on Fish, Bigger on Value!

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    just throw the bloggers some props and they will make good use of it. Guess who is who?

    I was thrilled to be invited to Pizza Hut to sample their brand new product few days back. Together with the other bloggers, we were among the first few batches that got our hand (mouth) on the Fish King Pizza.

    Pizza Hut hosted the dinner at their 3-year-old Kota Damansara outlet. The outlet is an interesting and dynamic space. The fine detailing and light fixtures make us thought that we were in some fine dining restaurants. It is a very posh fast food outlet indeed.
    With the tagline “Big on Fish, Bigger on Value”, we can be rest assured that we are getting great food with great value.
    Taadaa! This is the Pizza Hut Fish King Pizza with 8 fish fingers made from specially imported Alaskan Pollock, crabsticks, Mozzarella cheese, roasted capsicums, yellow onions and juicy pineapples. It was given a refreshing touch with the cool lime mayo sauce. (R: Rm23.90, L:RM32.90)
    Apart from the ala carte pizzas, one can opt for the set menu. Fish King set for 2 person consists of 1 regular Fish King Pizza, 2 soup of the day, 4 pcs garlic breadstix and 2 glasses of Pepsi. Fish King set for 4 person consists of 1 large Fish King Pizza, 4 soup of the day, 4 pcs garlic breadstix and 1 pitcher of Pepsi. Now who says that you need a big budget to enjoy a big fish feast?
    I love the crowning ingredient – mozzarella. It melts easily and has that stringy cheese effect that I find irresistible. It reminded me of Pizza Hut’s previous commercial ads. I always had the urge to visit the nearest Pizza Hut outlet when they show a closed up shot of the ‘cheese effect’.
    best selling drink – fizzy assam boi drink with jelly bits.
    Feel like indulging? Upgrade your crust to Cheesy Lava Stuffed Crust for only RM5.50.
    No guilt feeling! No regrets! The comforting effect from that warm gooey cheese is worth the extra calories intake.
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    pizza hut
    We were filled to the brim after walloping three or four large pans of the Fish King Pizza but the food kept flowing in! Noone was complaining though, we continued tucking in, just like a small kid who was reprimanded by the mother to finish his/her food (we ate willingly, of course :p).
    pizza hut-3
    Vivy and Audrey camwhoring with Fish King Pizza.

    Despite all that nom-ing, we also intend to be one of five lucky bloggers that get to bring home a RM2000 cash prizes. All you have to do is to write a blog post titled “Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut” and share your Fish King Pizza experience at your favorite Pizza Hut outlet or during delivery. Make sure that you cam whore banyak banyak with the Fish King Pizza and describe your experience. Once you are done, go here and fill in the contest form. Contest ends 30 May 2010.
    From Top Left: Huai Bin, KY, Iza, me, Audrey, Vivy

    Again, it was a lovely, fun filled evening. Thanks to Pizza Hut for having us and gracing us with your attentive services.


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